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Puppies due around January 28. Puppies going home around March 25/26 or April 1/2

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POSSIBLE COLOURS: Black, Blue merle 
                                      Moderate to Maximum white
                                      All puppies will have copper.

ESTIMATED SIZE:        Medium to larger sized
                                      15-18 inches tall average
                                      20-35 pounds..                             

ENERGY LEVEL:          Physically: Medium energy needing 2 hours of off leash running per day
                                     Mentally: Medium/high energy needing 2-3 hours per day of training.


IQ is one of the smartest dog's I've had the pleasure to live with, brains for days and she produces puppies who can literally do it all, she has produced official full time service dogs, crazy sports athletes and beloved family pets all in the same litter. We expect no less from this cross which doubles up on my old girl Cheddar, and are super excited to pass on her genetics once again to families looking for that one in a million can literally do anything puppy. 

We will match you with the best puppy based on your needs and what each puppy shows in personality. That's how you get that perfect matching puppy that can do anything you want it to do. These puppies should be extremely thoughtful, honest in their ability, never give up personalities and extremely loving and affectionate. Let us match you up and you will not be disappointed if you are honest in what you want and what you can provide a puppy. 


Ready for new homes March 24/25. 

I can not promise anyone any specific puppy other than the mismark. I breed every litter with the hope that there is a puppy for myself worth keeping for the future, because it is a small litter and I only have one boy and one girl to decide from, I will not promise anyone a puppy other than the mismark who I can not keep. I may not keep either of them but I won't make that decision until they are older. If this litter interests you, you may reach out about the mismark and reserve her pending her personality evaluation or you may have a spot on the other two and get the one I do not keep but I won't know gender until later on. If I do not keep anything then we would have more selection at a later date.  


BLUE MERLE MALE                                                                                                                         

ON HOLD. If we do not keep him he has a pet home waiting on him pending personality. 

The only boy and incredibly flashy. I do need more boys and would love to find a partner home if he turns out. If he does not turn out then he would be placed as a pet. 




This one has good markings that I can keep for showing and breeding so we will see how she grows up and whether she is worth holding onto or not. If not she will be available as a pet but unless I find her completely unsuitable I do plan to hold her back and grow her up. So for now she is not available. 




This girl is a mismark and I can not keep her, she must be sold as a pet to be spayed. She has too much white over her face. So we can accept an application for her specifically. 


                         Zander                        Buffy                               Willow

Birth                10 oz                            7 oz                                8.5 oz

Week 1            15.25 oz                      8.75 oz                            12.5 oz

Week 2            1 lb 7 oz                     15 oz                                1 lb 4 oz

Week 3            2 lb 2 oz                     1 lb 6 oz                          1 lb 13 oz

Week 4            2 lb 10 oz                   1 lb 11 oz                        2 lb 3 oz

Week 5            3 lb 6 oz                     2 lb                                  2 lb 10 oz

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

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