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I estimate he will probably be 16 inches at the shoulder and potentially 25 maybe 28 pounds in athletic weight full grown. He is now 6 months old and is still much smaller than I expected around 15 inches and maybe 15 pounds, I'll have to weigh him to get an accurate weight and measurement but he's small. 

He had third set of puppy shots June 2nd and just needs Rabies in a few months.

He eats raw or kibble and does fine with it, he loves food, and for the first time in history my vet has said he's a "bit chunky" and laughed ( I don't ever have fat dogs lol), he is good in a crate and travels well. Loves people and other animals. Has been wormed, microchipped and will go with a puppy gift pack. Zander has been at Bold Canine with a good friend Katie and completed their 8 week puppy class and rocked it, so this guy comes with lots of extras in the way of training. He is food motivated, not overly toy driven, but is very eager to please and do what he thinks you want him to do. He has been well socialized at doggy day care with dogs of every size and is fine. He lives with 2 cats and is fine. He has been loved by my two young grand kids and is good with them as well. He travels well, goes in his crate no problem and is quiet and clean all night. Walks nice on leash and stays close off leash. Handles all aspects of grooming with no problem including his toe nails. He does not love to be grabbed and will back away and avoid you, instead he prefers if you tell him what you want so he can do it without being man handled. He is not a wanderer and is not going to be a great dog to be your current dogs best friend, while he will play his priority is his humans just like his mom, he is so completely devoted to people, he is very velcro and so incredibly eager to work with you. He would be an amazing obedience/trick/scent dog, not a high energy sports dog at all but he loves to learn, he's an over achiever lol 

What he is looking for is a family who wants to work him and train him and keep his brain busy. He needs a home with consistent guidance and leadership. He LOVES to work and learn. He would do well to enroll in Susan Garrett's It's Your Choice official training regime found online, that is the type of training he responds to best. Positive reinforcement of what you want him to do and a lot of repetitions. 

Any questions let me know. New pictures posted August 26th below. 

He is ready to go to a new family as soon as a committed one comes along. 

Please note. We are not a zoo and we do not do "visits" for people to come and play with puppies and then go home to think things over and look for something cheaper, closer or more convenient. I am a hobby farm and we have biosecurity to consider for both dogs and livestock. The only people we allow on the property for any reason are people who have paid applications in with us and are 100% serious about purchasing from us, I am not interested in wasting my time or yours with wishy washy visits. I can send pictures and video when I am not working but we don't just allow people to come and hang out as if we were a pet store. Sorry. 

He can leave for the right family any time one comes along, so if you may be interested feel free to reach out. 

If he is still with me he will be at the Canadian Pet Expo in September. 

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if you know my dogs this is his half sister Neon for size comparison

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