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This page is mostly for other breeders but anyone is welcome to purchase. As a breeder I like to send fun stuff home with my puppies and buying leashes and collars was getting expensive so this is where it all started. Making my own supplies for my puppies. When breeders see these sets they often ask for them and so I thought I'd put it out there publicly for everyone.

These are designed for puppies but can be used for small breeds. 

Leashes are nylon webbing, not wrapped in fabric,  just solid in colour. 5 ft long and 1/2" wide. ($10 each)

Collars are 1/2" nylon webbing, flat buckle collars. Front face fabric only so you do see the nylon colour. ($5 each)

We can make just plain nylon collars with no fabric but the cost is the same. 

We "can" substitute 3/4 in collars for additional cost if you breed a larger breed of dog and I "can" make both the 1/2" and the 3/4" martingale in style but the cost is more and we need to know the length you want.

You can contact us for pricing because it will be priced per job if we substitute beyond the 1/2" material.    

You may buy these individually but the idea is to sell in small bulk to other breeders. 

Set prices. 

1/2" leash and collar x 10 - $125 ($12.50 a set)

1/2" leash and collar x 20 - $200 ($10.00 a set)

You can customize the colours you want however the fabric will already be on the collars because that is how I present them to my buyers, so you can choose which collars you'd like but I can not customize fabric. 

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