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So if you are reading this you are likely interested in a dog from us and are curious how things will change in the light of this pandemic.

I am happy to say that on my end, our normal practices have been designed to keep germs and infection away from puppies so we have never been big on visitors. Not a lot has changed in that regard. 

So to put into context why the policies are in effect, I am the only person in my house who takes care of the animals day to day. The rest of the family have jobs outside of the home. If I were to fall ill several things will happen. #1 the other people in the home are now at risk of getting sick and putting the only income for the house in jeopardy. #2 I have no one to care for the animals. If I am sick and at home, while inconvenient, I could muster through day to day life. If I end up in a hospital, the breeding program stops immediately. This is not being dramatic. I CAN NOT be away from home and have animals with no one to feed, water and care for them. If I am hospitalized the breeding program shuts down. Dogs are sold/given to other breeders and litters of puppies will be given to a fellow breeder to sell at her discretion. Stoverly shuts down and may or may not pick up operations at a later date. So to avoid that happening the following policies are in affect.

Until further notice and potentially a permanent decision, we have cancelled all visits. No exceptions.  

Pick up of puppies will be outdoors. Yes even in winter. In the winter we have a 10x10 shelter set up with sides so we are out of the immediate weather but we will be outdoors regardless. If we are in extremely high winds or a snow storm and having a shelter up is unsafe we will postpone pick up. Being in the house is 100% off limits.  

All of the pick up talk information will be on the training site. It is your responsibility as a buyer to watch it before you pick up your puppy.

I will send you a copy of the contract to read over.

Upon pick up you will enter the shelter, 1 families at a time, MAXIMUM 2 adults, but for paperwork we really need only one adult per puppy, we are not sitting and chatting during a pandemic.

You will fill out the microchip form, sign the contract, pick up your envelope with all of your puppies health papers and your goody box with food, treats, etc. You may pick a leash and collar from the stand that you would like for your puppy. Final payment if not done via e-Transfer will be in cash, you pick up your puppy and you go home.

The table and pens will be sanitized before you arrive and in between each pick up.

We have lots of hand sanitizer and lysol wipes.

It is optional to wear a mask, we will NOT be wearing one on our end.

Pick up days will still be Friday and Saturday of their 8 week mark unless otherwise noted. 

We will not set things up for 1 buyer, so please clear both Friday AND Saturday when you choose to reserve a puppy. If everyone else in your litter can come on the Friday and you are the only one who needs to wait until Saturday that will be a problem on my end. So make sure you have both Friday and Saturday clear on your end so that we can all work together to make pick up go smooth. 

Pick ups will be every 30 minutes starting at 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30 etc until all the puppies have gone home for that day.
Times will be back to back, we will not do a pick up at 10 and then the next one at noon. We will give later appointments to the people farther away if they wish, or early if they have come and stayed in a hotel. When we ask if you have a preferred time you may let us know your preference but that is not a guarantee that it will happen, make sure you are 100% able to be in Midland for 9:30am so you are not late and if we can accommodate a later pick up we will. 

If you are feeling ill, have a fever, have a cough, have been or potentially have been exposed to someone with COVID 19 Please be respectful and responsible and let us know that you need to cancel your pick up. Boarding fees will apply until we can reschedule. 

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