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EM® stands for Effective Micro-organisms®

EM® Ceramics emit far infrared waves. Far Infrared waves are the longest rays in the light spectrum. Compatible with human and animal tissue, far infrared waves are easily absorbed and penetrate the tissue up to 7.5cm deep, where they help to improve blood circulation and create a healthy skin microbiome. Designed to be worn loosely around your dog’s neck,  EM® Tick collars each feature several EM® ceramic beads, whose embedded ‘good’ micro-organisms improve your dog’s coat, skin microbiome and their natural immunity, which in turn is suggested to repel ticks. Please be advised that there is no guarantee that these natural/alternative products will work for your pet. The effectiveness has not been proven in a scientific or veterinarian based community. Use with caution and always check your pets after a walk for ticks. We recommend running a sticky lint roller over the dog as well as blow drying to pick up and blow off any ticks hitching a ride before they can latch on.  

Our collars are made with Paracord which is mold and mildew resistant. We currently have 2 sizes but if they sell well we can customize sizes and colours. 

Important information:

* EM® collars should be worn in addition to, not instead of, a collar

* Never attach a lead to an EM® collar

* Clean regularly using only warm water (do not use detergent)

* Replace your dog’s EM® collar every 10-12 months, end of winter is the best timing for new ones

* The ceramic beads are breakable, so remove the collar as needed. If your dog plays rough with other dogs the beads can be broken by teeth, or if your dog flops to the hard wood floor and the beads hit hard they can break. If you loose more than 2 or 3 beads it is a good idea to replace the collar. I can make collars with more beads by request. The collars listed are just what we are starting with. 

Currently charging just $10 a collar plus shipping. 

Below is current stock that I can ship at any time. If you don't see it I do not have it made up. 

If you want something different than what is here I will need time to order more material but I can certainly make to order, bulk orders welcome, custom size welcome. 

New material arriving Thursday April 11th so I will have new collars up by Friday the 12th and if you have colour combo's you'd like let me know before I get started and use up what I ordered. 


Aprox size

5-6 beads 11-15"

designed for smaller breeds or puppies

larger sizes below



Aprox size

8 beads: 15-19" 

designed for an aussie sized dog

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