This is a page where I list dogs we have produced or purchased which are over 8 weeks of age that are looking for homes.
These dogs may be from several situations.

  • They could be dogs we were hoping would be a part of our breeding program and for numerous possibilities did not quite end

up being what we had hoped for.

  • They may be puppies of ours that have come back from their owners for some reason and they are now looking for a new home.

  • They could be dogs we have used in our breeding program who are now retired and looking for their retirement home.

  • or they may be dogs who are looking for co-owners

Every dog on this page will be priced individually based on the reason they are for sale.
Chances are they will NOT be discounted to a lower price.

We occasionally have older pre-trained dogs for sale at additional costs. We have likely kept them back to decide between 2 puppies
in a litter which one to keep, we have put extra vaccinations into them, they are crate trained, leash trained, and have learned a wide
variety of commands from obedience, manners and tricks. We have taken these dogs with us for extra socializing leaving other dogs
home. Our time is not free so these pre-trained dogs are priced higher than typical dogs that we have not put so much individual time
and energy into.

If you have any questions about any of the dogs listed on this page please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

If or when ANYTHING comes available for sale I will post it the same day and update it regularly.
Seriously, why would I have a dog available for sale and not advertise it?
If I do not advertise it, it can not find a new home.  
If it's not listed here I do not have it. You do not need to email me asking.
I promise no matter what day you are looking at this page. It is 100% up to date!  

Guide lines for all dogs sold by Stoverly Aussies.

If you are not comfortable with raw feeding then I am not the breeder for you as all of my dogs are raw fed and are required to
stay that way. None of my dogs are allowed to be fed kibble. We transition all adults or rescues onto raw before they leave as well.

If you are one of those families who wants to vaccinate for everything just because a vet says so please move on, we test titres and
we ONLY vaccinate for what they need other than Rabies every three years by law. If you can not follow this, we are not interested in
placing any of our dogs with you. Sorry but too many dogs die from over vaccinating.


They are poisons and our dogs are not to be put on them as preventatives. Period. If you have been brain washed by the media and vet's and think the poisons are less risk than the parasite please find another breeder to work with. I am not at all interested in my dogs being poisoned month after month for the pocket book of money biased companies. We use these products only to treat a known problem and never as a
preventative. We recommend doing blood work regularly to check for heart worm, lyme and anything else you may be concerned with
and treat only if and when you find something that needs to be treated.

As of JULY 19 2021 we are looking for serious partner families for several of our adult dogs.

You can see them below and on the girl's and boys pages. MUST live within about 2 hours driving distance and should be looking to do something with them for fun like Scent work, agility, tricks etc. 



Partnerships only so I can continue to use them in my program but they get to live a spoiled pet lifestyle.  



Temporary partnership into retirement. She is almost at the age we will retire her from breeding so we are thinking ahead and looking for a home who will allow 1 more litter and then she's finished breeding. She is not a physically active dog, she's happy hanging out on the couch but mentally she is very high energy, we have trained her to do a lot of tricks and agility behaviours and we want her to go to a home preferably with kids who want to continue doing fun tricks and training with her to keep her busy and happy. She is an incredibly affectionate dog, her aussie reserve is just that she ignores you until she knows you have something for her, she's not shy or nervous in any way, but if she does not know you she prefers to pay attention to her owner. Loves all animals, dogs, cats and farm animals, loves kids, excellent off leash and the best dog I have at walking on a leash. 

She is an all around perfect girl and I'll be sad to see her go but she deserves more one on one that I can offer as she retires. 

If you may be interested in discussing IQ please contact us. 



He is looking specifically for a home who will continue scent work. I have started him in scent and he loves it so we want him to continue. He would also love the ability to have more water access. He loves toys and is very affectionate. He is closely related to a lot of our girls so we know his use to us is limited for now to just a few girls but we want long term access to him so we can use him more in the future. He is good with all dogs, cats and farm animals, has limited exposure to kids but seem fine with them. Excellent recall, a big mommas boy. 

He is not ready to leave us until the fall after we do his final hip testing but could go on a trial, if he fails the testing he goes up for sale instead of a partnership so I don't want anyone falling in love for a lower price if we decide not to keep him in the program and we ask full price for him. 

House trained, crate trained, great off leash and very athletic. 

I would be willing to consider a short term contract where we get 2 or 3 litters and then he is neutered instead of a long term contract. I would like to breed him to Marvel, and then maybe Confetti and Slushy and then he could be neutered. Price will reflect how short the partnership contract is for. Lowest will be $500 for a longer term contract and up to $2000 if we only agree to 2 litters from him. So something to keep in mind. 

If you might be interested in Pawter please let us know. 



He is looking for a long term partnership. He is a PRA carrier so the girls I can use him on are few, but he is amazing quality and produces amazing quality puppies so we want to have access to him indefinitely. We are not looking for a cut off to use him, we want access to him for the rest of his life. He is house trained, crate trained, very sucky and lovable, gets along with all dogs, cats, farm animals. Great with kids. He is an excited barker and will bark in play or when it's time for food, getting in and out of the car etc. He is very vocal when he's happy and excited. Great off leash and no aussie reserve. We are hoping if life ever gets back to normal to show him in conformation shows later in 2021 or in 2022. We are happy to show him ourselves or would welcome his family to show if they wanted to. He is not formally trained in any activity but he is smart, athletic and loves to run and play. 

He is fully tested so he would be ready to go on a trial any time. 

Contact us for details. 



Marvel is a special girl and we want to put the word out just in case the perfect home is out there. We would like 3 more litters from her before we spay her. She is very smart and very active. LOVES her family to pieces, is great with humans, she is fine with kids but does not see how toddlers are any fun so just ignores them, she will play ball or frisbee until your arms fall off. House trained, crate trained, travels well, great off leash, knows a ton of tricks. NOT GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS. 

I have to micromanage her. She plays and interacts with other dogs very aggressively and if they don't understand that type of play or they are very soft it turns into a fight. She gets along with all 4 of my boys no problem at all but to an outsider it looks and sounds like they are trying to kill each other, I have just gotten used to it and recognize it for what it is. We only have 2 or 3 girls I can trust her with or it ends up in a fight. She hates soft submissive dogs and will hunt them down just because she can sense they are soft, she does not like to be challenged so alpha personalities also do not do well with her. Because I know she has issues with other dogs she 100% needs a home where she is the only dog and there are no other dogs who will be visiting or brought in for any reason. 

As an only dog she is about as easy and perfect as a dog can be, we can leave her loose when we go out without a crate and she's wonderful. So we are hoping she can find that very special home where she has no one to compete with and can still contribute to our breeding program for 1-2 more litters. 

If you may be interested please contact us.