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This is the 2023/2024 application and payment contract all in one for your convenience.
When you are ready to commit to the purchase of a puppy from us and only us please do the following.

#1. PRINT this form blank, fill it out in ink completely with signatures on each page.

#2. SCAN the form and email it back to us
(if you do not have a scanner you may take clear large photos and send those via email)

#3. Send us an email money transfer in the amount of $500

This is NOT a deposit. Please read the contract carefully to understand what you are paying for.

Please note the dates below are expected but not guaranteed until the girl is bred.
Mother nature can be either early or late when it comes to the females heat cycles.

As with any breeding, there is always a possibility that the female does not get pregnant when bred or that she has a very small litter of only 1-2 pups. We can never guarantee how many pups or what colour/genders we will get.   


Seeking Co-Own partner families for MALE puppies in 2023 and 2024. 

We are in need of keeping back some new males but it is not fair to them to have to live with girls coming in and out of season and not being able to breed them, boys get frustrated. We are looking for loving families within about 2 hours drive of us who would like to own a male dog of our choosing, to love it, spoil it, train it, allow us to show it, allow us to do all it's genetic testing and allow us to use it for breeding when the time comes. 

If this may be of interest to you please reach out to us.

Potential purchase price discounts and financial incentives when breeding happens. 

2023-2024 planned / possible litters


Mini American Litter

possibly breeding fall 2023

confetti stand.jpg

POSSIBLE COLOURS: Black and Red, blue merle, red merle
                                      Moderate to Maximum white
                                      All puppies will have copper.

ESTIMATED SIZE:        Medium to Larger sized
                                      16-19 inches tall average
                                      25-40 pounds..                             

ENERGY LEVEL:          Physically: Medium energy needing 2 hours of off leash running per day
                                     Mentally: Medium energy needing 2 hours per day of training.

NATURAL RESERVE:  Moderate Reserve.

Jackson is a new stud dog to Ontario and the only reason to breed to him is to get those new blood lines into my breeding program. So that means several of these puppies will be held back and not for sale. I will evaluate each puppy and decide which ones are worth me holding onto and I will sell the ones I would not choose for breeding. No one will know which puppies are even available until after the 7 week evaluation. All puppies will be placed based on over all quality, movement, personality, and how their needs can be met by each family and NOT based on colour or markings. You could get a tri as easily as a merle so pick this litter based on the parents. Confetti very consistently produces easy going puppies, they are smart and willing to please, LOVE kids and are really easy to have around. Medium energy and very adaptable. Preference to partner families so I don't have to grow up so many puppies but some will be for sale as pets.  


Mini American Litter

Breeding when ever she comes into season. She has never been in season so we have no target month for her to start. Some girls are just slower in when they start up. Fury is from a blood line that often does not have a first heat until 3 or 4 years old, so we will leave this plan up here and update a time line when ever she has a heat cycle. Send us fertile thought lol 


POSSIBLE COLOURS: Black and blue merle
                                      Moderate to Maximum white
                                      All puppies will have copper.

ESTIMATED SIZE:        Medium to large Sized
                                      16-19 inches tall average
                                      25-45 pounds..                             

ENERGY LEVEL:          Physically: High energy needing 2-3 hours of off leash running per day
                                     Mentally: High energy needing 3 hours per day of training.


Fury was the only girl in her litter so it was keep her or don't, she's the only puppy we kept back from our beloved boy Shazam so she means a lot to us. She is crazy high energy when she's on the go, she was named very accurately, she does everything with 110% of her ability and enthusiasm, luckily she also has a nice off switch so she's easy enough to live with in the house, to see her go from mach 10 to just hanging out is impressive. She is incredibly smart and has a very big will to please. Epic is my preference BUT we have to test her PRA status before this can happen. Epic is a carrier and if she also carries PRA this can not happen and we will have to make alternate plans with a black tri male, either Jackson or Thialvar for an all Tri litter which we are planning as a second litter anyhow because I prefer tri over merle, makes people think less about colour when being matched with an awesome puppy!  


Mini American Litter

possibly breeding early 2024


POSSIBLE COLOURS: black, red, blue merle and red merle
                                      Moderate to Maximum white
                                      All puppies will have copper.

ESTIMATED SIZE:        Medium to larger sized
                                      18 inches plus
                                      45 pounds and up                             

ENERGY LEVEL:          Physically: Medium-high 2-3 hours of off leash running per day
                                     Mentally: Medium-high energy needing 2-3 hours per day of training.


This litter is pending Ultra's testing and when she comes into season. She will be 2 at the end of 2023 and has not been in season yet for the first time so it may be 2025 before she co-operates. That being said I expect a small litter of 4-5, we already have a few reserved based on who the parents are. At least one staying here, 1 possibly going to a partner family to do sports with Ultra's sister and leave it intact for us. So availability is very limited and all puppies will be placed based on their needs and not their colour or markings. 

Ultra is a high energy girl from a very high energy back ground with brains to spare. They have a huge work ethic and love to be busy, sitting on the couch is not their idea of fun. They love to learn and play and have their brain kept very much occupied. Ideal homes are ones who want to be out doing a lot of training and have a lot of free time. 


As of July 2022 we have decided to give our families the option of raw feeding, which is our preference, or TLC kibble. Any families past, present and future may switch from raw to TLC and warranties will continue to be valid as long as you use this link to order so we can track who is using it. TLC is delivered to your door and we are introducing it to all puppies prior to them leaving as well as adults prior to retiring them to give families food choices.

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