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Before you contact us, Please read over the various pages in the navigation bar explaining how we place our puppies in new homes, read the contract and the pricing information. This way there is no misunderstanding and no hidden surprises in the process.  

Please do not email me and ask if I have a puppy available. Look below, it is accurate.
Once we have puppies we put a picture of mom and her babies on here.
Click on that group pictures to see the individual puppies and the details for that litter.

This is the 2023-2024 application and payment contract all in one for your convenience.
When you are ready to commit to the purchase of a puppy from us and only us please do the following.

#1. PRINT this form blank, fill it out in ink completely with signatures on each page.

#2. SCAN the form and email it back to us
(if you do not have a scanner you may take clear large photos and send those via email)

#3. Send us an email money transfer in the amount of $500

This is NOT a deposit. Please read the contract carefully to understand what you are paying for.


We place puppies based on the personality, physical and mental needs of each puppy when weighed against each applicant who contacts us. We match everyone up based on the best fitting puppy for your lifestyle and NOT on colour or markings. 

If you only want a merle then I am not the breeder for you. A "pretty" puppy who may bite your children, chews your furniture or barks all day while you work is not a good fit no matter how pleasing the colour and markings may be. 


Blue Merle male, born January 27 to IQ and COBRA



Please look past his pretty colour and blue eyes. 

I estimate he will probably be 18-19 inches at the shoulder and potentially 40pounds in athletic weight. 

He just had third set of puppy shots June 2nd and just needs Rabies in a few months.

He eats raw but has had kibble and does fine with it, he loves food, and for the first time in history my vet said he's a "bit chunky" and laughed ( I don't ever have fat dogs lol), he is good in a crate and travels well. Loves people and other animals. Has been wormed, microchipped and will go with a puppy gift pack.

Now being honest this guy is the poster child for "aussies are not for every family". He is incredibly strong willed, he does not walk into a room having any respect for you, you have to earn his respect and prove you are worthy of his time and intelligence. He knows what he is capable of and is already a very smart problem solver and is learning very quickly how to manipulate a situation to his advantage. He WILL push your buttons and he WILL walk all over you if you give him any opportunity to do so. He can not go to a soft home, if you will feel bad telling him off, he's not the puppy for you, if he gives you the puppy eyes and you will feel sorry for him, he is not the puppy for you, if you are looking for an easy puppy who thinks you hung the moon, he is not the puppy for you. If he fights you on something and there is any chance at all you will be prone to just giving in because it is easier, because your tired, you've had a long day at work or with the kids, then he is absolutely not the puppy for you. Please respect that information and trust that I know what this puppy needs to thrive. 

What he IS looking for is a tough family who has some herding breed experience to fall back on. He is NOT a first time aussie owners type of puppy at all nor a first time dog owners puppy. He is looking for a family who will not fall for his manipulative ways and give in to him. He is looking for a family who wants to work him and train him and keep his brain very very busy. He needs a home with very strong guidance and leadership. Think of it this way, he will fit best into a military boot camp where orders are orders and he is expected to comply with a YES SIR, with no grey areas to misinterpret what is expected of him, he needs black and white! He will NOT fit into a kindergarten class room where he is asked to please sit quietly if you don't mind and lets not say anything inappropriate to hurt someone's feelings. If you were the parent who was horrified when the kids screamed in the store and you gave in to avoid humiliation, he is NOT the puppy for you, if you were the parent who sat back and let the kids scream and cry and throw a fit in the middle of the store and held your ground, then you may be what he needs. If you were the type of parent who counted to 5 and threatened to take away Christmas, then he is not the puppy for you, if you give instructions once and then the look of death got everyone up and jumping for you, lets talk! All that said he also will not respond well to you being hard handed, prong collars and shock collars are absolutely NOT what this guy needs. He just needs very firm very clear and consistent boundaries. 

He is incredibly smart, I mean incredibly smart. His current favorite bad dog game is to not come to me if he thinks I am going to "capture" him, hence why he is fat, I fell for his game and would sit on the floor with cookies which he loved and eventually I would be able to grab him, well he's figured out how to snatch treats or make me throw them at him just out of reach and he gets his cookies and still does not get caught. So now that I have realized he's played me like a sucker, he gets no treats, he gets a leash and I can pull him in without any trouble. He is fine off leash and comes back to my general area when I call him, he will follow me into the house, but I'm not allowed to "capture" him because then he feels like he's lost control of the situation and the ideas are no longer his, he does not like that. He will go into his crate for cookies, I think I've mentioned he's fat for a reason, but if he thinks I am going to catch him and PUT him in the crate then it's game on to see who is smarter. While I am smarter I am absolutely falling into the category of being busy and just not bothering to work with him every day like he needs, a big part of why I'm letting him go. I run a hobby farm and it's baby season so my time needs to be split between him and a lot of other animals and he's taking advantage of that. 

Again not the puppy for everyone, he needs a specific type of home who wants to work him. He LOVES to work and learn but he's very strong willed and he does not give his respect and loyalty easily. Once you have it the bond will be unbreakable, but if he ends up in a soft home, you will return him to me, you will not be happy with him. He would do well to enroll in Susan Garrett's It's Your Choice official training regime found online, that is the type of training he responds to best. Positive reinforcement of what you do want him to do and a lot of repetitions. 

 any questions let me know. I'll have some new pictures and video up on Facebook as I have time. He will stay with me until the right family comes along for him. 


As of July 2022 we have decided to give our families the option of raw feeding, which is our preference, or TLC kibble. Any families past, present and future may switch from raw to TLC and warranties will continue to be valid as long as you use this link to order so we can track who is using it. TLC is delivered to your door and we are introducing it to all puppies prior to them leaving as well as adults prior to retiring them to give families food choices.

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