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Sometimes in life you are blessed with a dog that surpasses all of your expectations. That would be this dog. I have never had a dog with such intelligence, and a desire to please. She would literally do anything I asked of her. 

IQ is one of the most mentally needy dogs I have ever lived with. She gives a whole new meaning to the word "shadow". She is always near you and never takes her adoring eyes off of you. She has so much will to please that it's hard to sooth that need in her.
She learns things very quickly, smart as a whip, we have a hard time keeping up with her, as soon as we think of something to teach her, she has it mastered. The down fall to her human adoration is she has little to no use for the other dogs. She is a people pleaser, she has eyes only for her humans. So if the other dogs think they can encourage her to play, they are sadly mistaken, she ignores them completely.

She is a very athletic little dog and she passes her amazing qualities on to her puppies. Her puppies are as close to perfection as you could ask for. They can be smart and in-tune enough with their owners to be service dogs, and yes she has certified service dogs out there, not just emotional support nonsense, she has working service dogs. And then they can turn around and be super stars in the agility ring. 
I adore this dog, she has my heart wrapped up in her paws. There is nothing I have asked of her that she has not put her heart and soul into.   

Her tricks are numerous, we are working to get them on video for the training page.
She has just discovered that if she catches a frisbee I play with her instead of someone else, she is now showing more and more interest in the disc so spring of 2021 we have some serious disc training planned.

If you are ever looking for a puppy as a working partner, a true in tune to you partner of a dog, this is the girl to produce it. Her puppies are amazing

IQ1 (6)
IQ pedigree
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