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Welcome to the Collar shop. I have been hand making collars and leashes for my puppies for several years. I ventured out and started to make collars for adult dogs and people seemed pleased with the idea and with little to no advertising, just selling at expos and to my buyers they seem to move well. Recently we decided to take a leap and branch out with more collars and now matching leashes and see if it's worth pursuing on a slightly larger scale. So lets see how it goes!  

All the leashes and collars are made with strong Nylon Webbing. 

Depending on the item some are wrapped in fabric so you do not see the webbing and others just have fabric on on side to be more light weight.

Fabric Wrapped designs are Limited in quantity. We purchase a set amount of fabric of each pattern and when it's gone it's gone. We will add new fabric designs seasonally and we are always shopping for fun new fabrics.  

All sales are done either by cash in person or via Email Money transfer and we can ship the items to you. 

Items will be shipped Monday to Friday via Canada Post at buyers expense. 

Stand Alone

Flat Buckle Collars. 

$10 each

Matching Collar and Leash set

$10 and $20  each

or $25 a set


Collar and Leash set & 

Breeder Bundles

$5 and up

(link coming soon)

EM ceramic Tick repellent collars

$10 each

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