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There is so much to say about this little dog.  Her ears are completely not what I want and I was trying to be practical and I've thought about placing her a few times because she's never going to be a great show dog with those ears and I'd love to work up to having a CKC CH title in front of all the dogs I breed in the next several years. Putting her ears aside I am keeping this girl 100% for her temperament. Mini Americans can be reserved with strangers and this girl is the opposite. She is my grand daughters BEST friend. She adores her and follows her around completely devoted to her. She is easy to have in the house, gets along with all the dogs and yet she is far from boring. She loves to play, she tugs and fetches and is just a joy to have around. So I'll live with her ears and breed her to something with much better ears when the time comes. She has fantastic structure and I am working to teach her a stand stay so I can try and get a picture on my own, otherwise I need a second hand to stack and shoot :) 

Not in a hurry to breed her so we will work with her slowly and somewhere after 2 we will look for a suitable partner for her, likely not related to mine as she is heavily line bred already and needs a complete outcross. 

walkher pedigree.PNG
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