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Born Thursday February 2nd 2023

Ready to go March 31st

This was a completely unplanned and unexpected litter. We had no idea she was in season, no visible signs and no boys ever let on. We had no idea she was bred until she delivered a puppy with no warning and we will have to DNA puppies to confirm who we suspect the father is. That being said we have 3 healthy babies who although unexpected are beautiful and will be looking for homes at 8 weeks old. 

Marvel has only had one previous litter for us, she is not great with other females and so we have to manage her environment which makes her raising puppies a bit more complicated than normal. She is perfect with all the boys she's ever interacted with and so those are her yard companions around here. She adores people, she loves everyone she meets and has a very keen will to learn and interact, she will chase a ball or frisbee until your arms fall off. She is incredibly smart and learns things faster than we can teach them, very affectionate towards her family. As an only dog she is very easy to live with, never gets into anything and just wants to be with you all the time. Puppies from her first litter have her same sense of loyalty towards their family, the same smarts and work ethic to the point 2 of them have gone on to be service dogs for their owners, constantly in training to perfect those skills (not emotional support dogs). So I expect those traits to carry on into these puppies. A strong bond with their family, a very strong work ethic and will to please. 

Should be medium size, 30 pounds average

All puppies are $2500.

Sold on spay/neuter contracts unless otherwise agreed upon ahead of time. 


Black tri male. Full collar, perfectly marked with lots of vibrant copper already. He will be a head turner. 


                         SHOCK            STARTLE          

Birth                 9.25 oz              6.25 oz                  

Week 1            12.75 oz            8.5 oz             

Week 2             1 lb                  10 oz                

Week 3             1 lb 5 oz           15 oz

Week 4             1 lb 12 oz         1 lb 4 oz

Week 5             2 lb 5 oz           1 lb 9 oz

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

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