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This is Journey, the puppy I did not want lol I wanted a merle, she is a tri, I wanted a big solid show dog, she's a small spit fire sport dog. I wanted easy, she can be challenging. I love who she is and I'm glad the universe decided it knew more than I did when it came to what it would give me. 

Journey is not an easy dog for a first time owner, she is all old working line aussie that demands respect, challenges your decisions to see if your serious and if you have what it takes to be a good working partner in her eyes. She holds me accountable as a trainer like no other dog that I currently live with, I have to say what I mean and be very clear because if there is any room for interpretation she will take that road and look at me with her special look that says it is a version of what I asked for even if she knows it's not really what I meant, and then it's like she dares me to correct her when in reality it's me who needs to be corrected lol She is the reason I fell in love with this breed so many years ago, she is an honest working partner and I never have to second guess her, I don't deserve her most days and I think she knows it. 

With her work ethic we will try out scent and obedience, I'm not sure if she'll be into disc, she's not my most toy motivated, but we will work on it and see what else she enjoys.  

journey pedigree.PNG
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