Hydro is a full sister to Confetti. We kept both girls from Kachings retirement litter.
This girl is absolutely everything we could have asked for from this cross. She is the
perfect combination of both Kaching and Impact. She's got his good looks and goofy
personality while having just enough of mom's more serious side, strong work ethic and just a touch of reserve to know she's not jumping in a strangers car to go home. This girl is also a sort of replacement for my husband's original girl Vegas who happens to be Hydro's
maternal grandmother. Hydro and Roy and always together and we see a lot of those traits coming out in this girl the older she gets. 

For some reason I never have a camera when she's out on adventures with us, I'll make note to get more photo's of her having adventures with us. She is toy crazy, adventurous, very loving and affectionate and gets along with everyone. I'm very excited for her future.

She is also turning out to be quite the social girl, considering she is basically a covid puppy and has had minimal exposure we had her at the first pet expo in Nov 2021 and she loved every second of it, I could not get her off the tables where the people were lavishing her with attention, I'm so proud of her rock solid temperament and I know she will pass on those love everyone genes to her puppies when we breed her.  

hydro 1 (4).jpg
hydro 1 (3).jpg