When we bred this litter we ended up with only one girl, it was either keep her or don't. I'm really glad I kept her, she is growing up to be everything I could ever want in a Mini. She has the substance of an aussie, the movement of an aussie and yet she's only 16 inches tall. I have plans to show this girl in conformation if things ever open up again, and see what she thinks of Scent and dock diving as well as basic obedience and tricks. We may never have the time to get a ton of titles but I'll do the training and see what free time we have as she grows up.

She is currently the only puppy we have managed to keep from Shazam so she is very special to us now that he has passed on. She is the only puppy we have at this time from Minion as well, although Minion has her retirement litter now and we plan to keep a puppy from this litter as well. 

Fury is a bundle of energy, she does everything at lightning speed and has shown a very natural love of disc, so now that she is old enough disc work begins. This girl has an amazing future ahead of her and we are very excited for her to grow up with us.