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Mini American Shepherd

Here at Stoverly we pride ourselves on not cutting corners.
We want to do what ever is necessary to provide you with the BEST quality
puppies possible. We NEVER skip health testing to save money. We do not
sacrifice our dogs temperaments just to produce puppies. We do not deviate
from the written breed standard by "preferring" prick ears or breeding
non-recognized colours and passing them off as rare.
We will not sell you a cheaply bred puppy.
Our moto is
"Even if it just a family pet, it deserves to be the BEST quality possible"
and we stand behind that statement!


We also pride ourselves on breeding for a very smart, athletic and versatile all around intelligent dog for active families.

Our dogs are successful in Conformation, agility, flyball, disc, dock diving, herding, scent detection, pet therapy

and service work. Our dogs are not for everyone, but they are true aussies by nature!

Please grab a beverage and browse the website, we spend a lot of time trying to keep it up to date with all the

latest information you could want to decide if this breed is suitable for your family and if I am the breeder you

wish to deal with.

We chose our kennel name very carefully to set us apart from other breeders.
Anyone can throw two dogs together and produce puppies, that part is easy,
but to produce great quality puppies who will leave their mark on the world
takes a very different type of breeder and we want that to be us.

We use the term STOVERLY as an adjective

an adjective is a descriptive word that describes a noun, our noun is our dogs.
When you hear it is a STOVERLY dog, we want you to think of great things.

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