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Mini American Litter

One puppy born Saturday July 22 2023



Blue merle male               

This guy is available for reservation and will be ready to go home Sept 16th weekend.  He is the spitting image of his daddy with incredible sharp copper already. He will be a head turner in every way. Since I know 100% I am not keeping him, we have decided to leave his tail on to open up some options on him finding his forever home. So if you've ever wanted a puppy from me with a tail, and a very flashy blue merle male on top of that, this is your big chance! 2 weeks old now, eyes are open and he's a hefty 1 lb 5 oz since there is no competition at the milk bar. 

Carbons past pups are always intelligent but easy to live with, active but not at all hyper, they tend to accept everyone they meet without being overly friendly or overly shy, just very middle of the road puppies. My girl Freezie is from Carbon and she's one of the easier pups I've dealt with over the years. I expect as a boy he will be cuddly and affectionate and just looking to be someones best friend. He does not need to be an athlete and run marathons, regular exercise and stimulation seem to be enough for thee blood lines. 

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