Miniature American Shepherd Litter

Litter born Tuesday August 30 2022

Ready for new homes Friday October 28th or SUNDAY the 30th 2022

I am planning to attend a dog show in Lyndsay on the Saturday so will not be available for pick up that day. I will make myself available Sunday instead for anyone who can not make the Friday pick up. 


ESTIMATED SIZE:        Medium to larger sized
                                      16-19 inches tall average
                                      25-35 pounds..                             

ENERGY LEVEL:          Physically: Medium energy needing 2 hours of off leash running per day
                                     Mentally: Medium energy needing 2 hours per day of training.

NATURAL RESERVE:  Moderate Reserve.

An all colour litter! So much fun. Lots of athletic ability for everyday running in the bush or anything else you'd ask of them. Incredibly devoted to their family, not as social with strangers as other breeds or even other litters, never aggressive, just not looking for any attention if your not immediate family or very close friends, will actively avoid unknown people and should not be pushed into being more social than they are comfortable with. Underfoot and always by your side, not the type of litter that you can loose, they will follow you to the bathroom and just want to be with you no matter what you are doing. Size should be larger rather than smaller. 

Now I know in both genders we only have 1 merle and I know everyone is going to fall in love with markings, let me be incredibly clear that I place puppies #1 above all else based on their personality and temperament and find them a family who can meet their needs. It is not their job to meet your needs as a family, it is my job to tell you, according to the information you have provided to me, assuming it is honest and factual, which puppies in a litter may adapt well to your family and which ones would not. TRUST ME. Don't get hung up on colour and markings because if a black tri will be happier in the home environment you can provide, that is what I will send home with you. If you honestly in your heart of hearts are only looking at one puppy because of its colour and markings, please find another breeder who does not care how the puppy and your family fit, and will happily take your money just to make a sale, that is not me. 

So being clear, I will take your colour preference into account BUT I will not promise you any one puppy or any one colour, specially when it comes to the merles because we have no other merles of the same gender to work with and I never hold a spot for just one particular puppy, so please do not tell me you only want the red merle male or you only want the blue merle female. I will not accept reservations under those terms. It will be the best match based on personality and temperament and while I will work with the puppies to try and find a reason to give you what you want, it does not always work out. If you prefer a black tri it is easier to say it is likely to happen because I have two in each gender to work with so if one does not work I have a back up. But when we only have one merle we will not make promises that it will go to any specific home until 8 weeks old after the evaluation and vet check. For all I know they have a life threatening issue that only the vet will find. So please be understanding regarding colour.   

She went into labor the day I took my grand daughter to Canada's wonderland, so they get aptly named after Roller Coasters! 

ALL PUPPIES $2500 unless otherwise noted. 

1. Female going to Kristine

2. Male going to Jonathan

3. Female going to Nancy and Gil



My only merle male. Sure to be a favorite. He's still a bit wet and dirty from delivery here but you can see he's got Maximum white like his dad, big blaze and big collar and lots of white on his legs. Gonna be stunning for sure. 




The only red tri and he's a looker as well. Beautiful blaze, half collar and a nice shade of red. 




Flashy to the Max! this guy has what people would call show perfect markings and I do agree, even his copper is incredible. 




Largest at birth so he got the big name, he has less of a blaze on his face and his collar does go all around but is thinner and you can see his copper is a bit less pronounced for now. 




The only merle girl and she's very pretty, minimal copper so far, it's there just not shining through yet. 




The heaviest of the girls even though she may look smaller in her pictures, I weighed her a few times to be sure lol Very stunning girl with tons of copper and beautiful white markings. If I end up keeping a female back it will be this one. 




She just looks chunky all the way around in her photo's. She has a bit less white but if you like copper she has lots of that!! 


                       Shockwave       Leviathan       Thunder run       Behemoth       Vortex         Freestyle      Ghoster Coaster

birth               8.5 oz                 9.75 oz           9.5 oz                  10.75 oz          8.25 oz        10 oz             9 oz

1 week           12 oz                  1 lb                 1 lb                      1 lb 1 oz         10.75 oz      1 lb               10.75 oz

2 week           15.25 oz             1 lb 5 oz         1 lb 5 oz              1 lb 7 oz         14.5 oz        1 lb 5 oz        14.5 oz

3 week           1 lb 2 oz             1 lb 9 oz         1 lb 9 oz              1 lb 11 oz       1 lb              1 lb 8 oz        1 lb 2 oz

4 week              

5 week

6 week

7 week

8 week


As of July 2022 we have decided to give our families the option of raw feeding, which is our preference, or TLC kibble. Any families past, present and future may switch from raw to TLC and warranties will continue to be valid as long as you use this link to order so we can track who is using it. TLC is delivered to your door and we are introducing it to all puppies prior to them leaving as well as adults prior to retiring them to give families food choices.