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In previous years we did allow visitors to our home, sadly this practice has been ended thanks to Covid and will not be starting up again for the foreseeable future, so in a nut shell we will not be entertaining visitors. No exceptions will be made so please do not ask. Covid has taught us a lot about the vulnerability of not only the animals in our care but also of us as humans. 

We understand this is frustrating and disappointing for our clients, but there are a lot of bio security issues with having people come onto our property, into our home and/or handing the puppies. There is a reason zoo’s and farms do not let you touch animals or enter certain areas where animals may be. With livestock farms there are very strict guidelines to follow and farms can be shut down for allowing the public access to certain areas and certain animals. We are a small hobby farm ourselves with various animals that we sell for breeding and meat, such as Turkeys, Chickens, Quail, Goats and Rabbits, and we do have to follow certain rules to be able to continue to raise our animals and offer them to the public. For some reason the dog community feels it is their right to go against these guidelines and to allow people in to handle puppies and take the risk of unknown germs and disease bring spread. Germs are invisible and are picked up in common areas. While most healthy adults can handle these day to day germs, puppies can not. If you go to a park where there are dogs, a vet clinic with another animal you may own, training classes with other dogs, doggy day care, a friends home who has pets, or even a pet store where pets are permitted to walk, you very likely have picked up germs on your shoes and clothing. By coming onto my property you bring those germs here and while often nothing happens, it’s the times that it makes our puppies sick that we want to avoid. We have always been cautious of bio security and we clean the house, yard and puppy areas meticulously, and we have always restricted visitors to keep puppies as safe as possible. Even doing that we have had visitors bring fatal illness onto the property in the past and then we have to contact potential owners to let them know their puppy is no longer alive. Imagine how you would feel if I had to call you with that news. Thanks to this pandemic nothing will ever be exactly as it was. I have also learned that if we as the animals care givers fall ill, there is no one else to look after them and they would have to all leave and find new homes. I am the primary care giver to all of the animals on the property while my husband and son work full time away from home. They can not tend to all the animals if I fall ill while also maintaining their full time jobs, so we also have to be mindful of things like Covid when dealing with the public because our health directly affects the care of the animals. What the distant future looks like is unknown. We do apologize but until at least the end of 2023, most likely longer, expect no visits to be permitted.

As of December 2022 everything we do is outdoors. Yes even in winter. Part of why visits are not happening. To limit germ transfer we are not allowing anyone into our home, so all interactions are outdoors in a gazebo setting. We do have plastic up for the winter to block wind and snow and it has a tarp on the roof to stop rain and snow but it is not heated. So in negative 20 weather it is still pretty much negative 20 in the gazebo. I do not want to sit outside and freeze and I do not need the puppies outside being uncomfortable either. Pick up is done quickly with most of our interactions being done online via email. I am outside the longest as I deal with one family at a time, that may change to 2-3 families at a time for 2023 but will still be outdoors. So even if we do decide to consider visits on a litter by litter basis, they will be outside weather pending and the format below. 

Pre Covid19 visit – if we do start visits again the format is as follows.

Visitation of puppies shall not occur before the puppies are a minimum of 6 (six) weeks old. 

Visitation of puppies will be in group format ONLY. We do not make exceptions. I do not have time to entertain people on an individual basis. 

Visits will be at the 6 week weekend for maximum 2 hours. Typically 10-12 or 11-1. If we are available and weather/temperature pending.

We will decide on our end when visitation will be, based on how relaxed the mother of the litter is, how interactive the puppies are, if there are any health issues within the litter or in the general public that would restrict visitors,  if we have other litters due to be born, other litters going home, or dog shows around that time.

We would do our best to schedule 1 (ONE) group visit to give you an opportunity to meet the puppies.

If you can not make the visit we schedule we will not be able to accommodate an alternate visit. No exceptions.  

Visits are limited to 2 (TWO) adults per puppy and will be outdoors year round. We do not allow anyone into our home. We also DO NOT have a heated building for the puppies outside so winter visits would be outdoors in a gazebo that has plastic up to stop the wind but it would be very cold. Winter visits may not happen due to weather, if I can’t stand outside for 2 hours comfortably, then I will not ask puppies to be outside just so people can see them. Sorry.  

These two people who visit MUST be adults 18 or older. Your children can play with your puppy when you get it home.

Everyone must ensure that the mother and puppies are treated kindly and carefully. Adverse behaviour will result in termination of the visit, and refusal to sell the applicant a puppy. No refund of the application fee would be available.

If any puppy is injured to the point of needing medical attention or perishes due to adverse handing by the applicant then the advertised purchase price of $2500-$3000 will be charged for the injured or perished puppy and refusal to sell you any future puppy for its own safety will result.


Please do not invite friends or other family members with you on the visit. We only want the actual buyers here to visit their puppies. If friends and family wish to meet the breed and are interested in purchasing a puppy of their own, they can contact us and meet us at an upcoming expo show in Mississauga. If you are single and do not want to travel/visit alone, then please do not plan to visit.

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