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This special girls fills me with emotion. Way back when I first got into this lovely breed I purchased a firecracker of a dog named Disco, she was a little red tri, not the greatest quality but the dog had the heart and soul as big as any Aussie out there and she was perfect for me. Sadly as time went on and we moved our breeding program forward we ended up not keeping anything that went back to Disco and that's always sad for a breeder to say they have lost their foundation lines. Ultra goes back to Disco and for that we will forever be grateful that she is in our lives.

Sadly in March 2022, her father was lost to a fatal reaction to parasite prevention. So this little girl and her siblings mean that much more to everyone who loved those blood lines. She's gonna have big paws to fill.


Brains for days and a crazy work ethic. She is a problem solver, she watches what the other dogs do to get rewards, like sitting for a cookie and she mimics them. She often does things and I realize I never taught her that behaviour, she just learned it on her own. I'm in a lot of trouble with this one. She is toy crazy so I see a disc dog in my future! I love my disc dogs, her  great grandma Disco was a disc dog in her time. She may be a very well trained girl at the end and I'm not sure how much credit I'll be able to take, she may be a self taught genius lol 

ultra pedigree.PNG

In Loving memory of her daddy Jax.

HHC Man Of Mayhem. Taken way too soon. 

I hope your daughter does you proud. Thank you for blessing me with her. 

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