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Why it is mandatory and not optional!

The controversy over spaying and neutering will probably never end. There will always be different points of view. My point of view is if you are
buying your dog from me as a pet, it will be spayed or neutered. Very seldom will I make an exception and if it is in the contract, you can bet as
surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, I will take you to court to enforce the contract you sign.

The reason I feel so strongly about spaying and neutering is that the majority of people are not responsible. I'm sorry but that is the truth.
How often do we hear stories of Fee Fee who got out and was bred by Fido down the road. Not the same breed, no testing, no anything.
Just two irresponsible dog owners who allowed two dogs who have no merit for reproducing add to the over population of unwanted and
unplanned pets. Fee Fee's owners give puppies away (or sell them to make some fast cash) to other irresponsible owners who think
breeding these cute mixes will buy them a new car. When one of these puppies is unwanted Fee fee and Fido's owners sure don't want
the troublesome pups back. So where do the puppies end up? At the local shelter. So the problem has just been dumped and passed
on to someone else. These situations can be so easily resolved by having your pet spayed or neutered so it can not reproduce and leave
the breeding to people who are ready willing and able to care for each and every puppy they produce for the life of those puppies.

Did you read some of my other pages where I make it clear we choose only the best of the best for breeding? We spend thousands
of dollars making sure each dog is worthy of reproducing. If your dog has not done all of the same testing and training, then it isn't worthy.
Period. It is not improving anything in this breed just by pushing out puppies. We have spent years developing tests so we can select only
the very best, we do not need pet owners ignoring all of these tests just to have cute puppies who may end up being unhealthy.

I do not have any desire to fight with any of my buyers. I have better things to do. So I spell everything out very clearly ahead of the purchase.
All of my pet owners know what their responsibilities will be and each potential buyer can elect to agree with my terms and purchase a puppy
from me or to go elsewhere. I do not lie to you, or trick you into anything. I make it very clear ahead of time.

I like my puppies to be spayed/neutered after 24 months of age but before 36 months.
Early spay/neuter changes how the dogs grow and makes them taller than they would normally be, putting more pressure on their joins and
grossly increasing the risk of things like his and elbow dysplasia. So we prefer you wait until after 2 years old before spaying or neutering.

Do you think it's easy to keep your intact dog away from others and prevent pregnancy?
I disagree.
Did you know that intact male dogs have been known to climb 10-12 foot fences, dig holes, chew through doors, and howl or bark for hours
on end, day and night if there is a female in season in the neighbourhood.  Some of them will start to mark in the house. They loose their
focus and work strictly on hormones. Doesn't that sound like fun.
Did you know females bleed for three weeks at a time, sometimes as often as every 4 months? They leave drops of blood all over the house.
Their scent travels for miles to attract intact males. So you often have unwanted males hanging around your house who have escaped from
homes in your neighbourhood or coyotes and coy wolves who can easily smell her pheromones.
Did you know females in heat can become very aggressive towards other female dogs and sometimes males as well, often turning from a
loving family pet to a raging bag of killer hormone. Even females who live together as best friends often try to fight each other when one is
in season. So for three weeks at a time your female in season has to be kept secluded from all other dogs. That means no walks, no dog
no visiting friends. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Breeding isn't for everyone and should not be taken lightly. There are so many things that go on behind the scenes. It is not a casual situation.
It is not better for any dog to breed before being spayed or neutered. Those are simply old wives tails. It is no better or worse if you as a human
breed or not. So why do we think dogs need to. Just like with humans who have no desire to have children and end up being horrible mothers,
not all dogs are good mothers either. I've had a few that had one litter and were very quickly spayed and removed from breeding because they
hated it and tried to kill puppies. When that happens you have to deal with mom who needs to dry up her milk supply without developing
issues from over supply of milk (mastitis) and then you have puppies who need to eat every 2 hours around the clock and who can not control
their body temperature and can not defecate or urinate on their own, you have to do it manually for them, around the clock, every 2 hours for the
first 2 weeks and then every 3 hours the week after and then every 4 weeks by their 4 week mark. Sound like fun? Think you can get the time
off work and cancel every other plan you thought you had for a month or more because you become the mom. We make it look easy, that is
our job, but there are so many things that happen behind the scenes that you would never think of until it happens and then it's too late.
So spay and neuter when we tell you, and leave the breeding to those of us who specialize in it as a career.

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