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Dear USA customers, 

We DO NOT fly dogs into the USA. The USA has imposed broker restrictions and the cost is astronomical. If you are from the USA and wish to purchase a dog from us you must be willing and able to cross the border into Canada via land or Air and take the puppy back with you. We will do our best to arrange to meet you at the airport or the border as we are able but we will not fly dogs into the USA at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.  


COVID NOTE: Due to Covid some airline polocies have changed and are continuing to change regularly.  Last we checked with Air Canada we are required to use a shipping broker which is an extra cost to buyers. We have been in contact with one company and their rate to ship across Canada in a puppy sized crate is around $350 on top of all other charges. As of April 2021 we can still ship with West Jet as always. If you require us to fly a puppy to you, you are responsible for ALL costs associated with flying regardless of what those charges are.  

Please understand that our preference is for families to come to us to pick up their puppies. Even if you have to fly into Toronto, our preference is for you to come and pick up in person. You can take the puppy back with you as carry on cargo right at 8 weeks.

When that is not an option we will fly puppies to their new homes at the buyers expense. Puppies flying to their new homes do not leave me until 12 weeks of age as per Air Canada guidelines, 10 weeks with WestJet.

If we do ship puppies, they fly out of the Pearson International Airport in Mississauga.
We fly with AIR CANADA, or WEST JET please do not ask me to work with another airline. 

Air Canada does not fly puppies until 12 weeks old, so you will have a MINIMUM 4 weeks of boarding costs on top of your purchase price.

WestJet does not fly puppies until 10 weeks old. So you will have a MINIMUM 2 weekd boarding cost on top of your purchase price.

In the summer if the weather is too hot and the flights are embargoed you will be charged daily ($50 a day) or weekly ( $300 a week) boarding until we can safely fly your puppy. Same policy goes with winter and deep freeze or dangerous weather embargoes. Those are beyond our control and we still have to care for your puppy while it is with us. Unfortunately most airlines do not place embargoes until 24 hours before the flight so if you are taking time off of work it can be very inconvenient. Also why we suggest flying into Pearson and getting your puppy in person. 

All boarding costs MUST be paid to us before the puppy is taken to the airport.

The airport is 2 hours away and we have terrible winter weather, so traveling for two hours is not always an easy task. In the summer we try for very early morning or very late evening flights. We do not offer weekend shipping.
We have to be at the airport at least 3 hours before the flight so please take into consideration an 8 am flight, I have to be at the airport for 5 am and being 2 hours away I have to leave my house no later than 3 am, meaning I am up around 2 am.  As much as I like you, I do charge you for the inconvenience of me getting little to no sleep.

When we ship a puppy all costs are that of the buyer, on top of the puppies original purchase price, and must be paid in full prior to me leaving my house with the puppy.

At a minimum the buyer must pay for the flight which can be anywhere from $200 to $500 depending on where in Canada you want this puppy flown to and how heavy the puppy is. We just flew a puppy out to Vancouver and the flight was $300.

We suggest calling the airport and asking what the price will be before contacting us. Average sized puppies fly out in a "skykennel 200" sized kennel and the puppies are usually on average 10 pounds. Flight prices are based in the weight of the puppy and the crate together so you will need this information.

If you ask me the price I will have to call the airport myself and ask the same questions as you.

Simply contact AIR CANADA CARGO at 1- 800 - 387- 4865 or WEST JET CARGO  1-866-952-2746 and ask about shipping a puppy from Pearson International Airport to the airport closest to you. They will give you all the information on shipping that you need including what days they do
and do not ship animals.

Puppies staying in Canada do not require any special paper work other than a health certificate. If my vet starts to charge me for health certificates, then that will have to be added to the cost.

Puppies leaving Canada will require international health certificates and if going over seas may have quarantine requirements and additional vaccines. We need to know what is needed to get the puppy to your destination to factor that into the price.

When we deliver the puppy to the airport, they will weigh the puppy and the crate and we will pay for the flight at that time with Air Canada. This is why you must pay us in advance. We will know the estimated amount, and round it up to the nearest $25. If the cost is more than we estimated,
we will cover that cost but we do estimate slightly high so we are not short on funds. With WestJet they allow the owner on the other end to put the cost on a credit card on file with an overlapping fee in case it is more than quoted. If we use WestJet you do not have to pay me the flight fee. You can also ask if Air Canada offers this, I have not looked into it recently. If we get to the airport and the flight is not paid for, the puppy does not get loaded. 

Next you are responsible for an airline approved crate that the puppy can stand up in without touching the top. We suggest by the time the puppy is 8 weeks old, you use a credit card and purchase the crate online and have it shipped to us. We will provide you with our mailing address and as long as you let us know when you order it, we will make sure we are home to receive it from Fed Ex. We usually only use the 24 inch size for puppies.  Anything smaller and you risk the puppy being denied at the cargo bay if the guys working are in a foul mood. For puppies older than 16 weeks when they leave, the size of the crate will be dependent on the size of the puppy. The last 24" we ordered online was about $110 after shipping. If you purchase the crate on your credit card and have it sent to us you are only charged what the company charges you. If you require us to purchase the crate on our end we will ask for payment upfront in the amount of $125.  Different crates will be different prices and I have to drive around usually to Barrie to find one. You will be paying for my time/gas to go shopping for you.

If the puppy needs any special health certificates from a veterinarian or extra vaccinations before being admitted to your location, you would also be charged for the extra cost. Find out on your end what a puppy would need to be allowed off the plane if you are in a different country and let me know. Then I can talk to my vet and find out the cost. All costs are due before i leave my house for the airport. For puppies flying with Air Canada at 12 weeks old you will need your 1 month booster so you will be charged an additional $125 for the cost of the vaccination and the trip to the vet.

Then we will charge a travel fee and it will be different for each situation. Remember I am 2 hours away from the airport and we often have bad winter weather. We will factor in the price of gas, and the level of inconvenience of the trip. No I don't actually enjoy getting up at 2 am to ship your puppy to you.

If I am driving at a decent hour in decent weather, I generally ask $300 average for my time and gas, if I am getting up a 2 am and driving in a snow storm or ice storm it can go as high as $500. I will not ask more than $500, if I feel it is worth more than $500 for me to leave my house I should probably just go back to bed and fly the puppy another day.  

Shipping a puppy with me is NOT cheap. I will not hide the price. There are many other breeders who will ship a puppy for a lot less because it is much easier for them to get to and from the airport and they are more desperate for the sale, I am not.

If you decide you still want one of our puppies we will ship it but we recommend you budget $4000 within Canada to cover all of the possible expenses. Usually it is a bit less, but it's better to be prepared. Outside of Canada the price does increase greatly.

Other options would be for you to fly here yourself and pick up the puppy and take it back with you as carry on baggage. All Airlines allow you to bring the puppy with you at 8 weeks old. If you rent a car and come to my house you owe me nothing extra and may pick the puppy up
at 8 weeks like everyone else. For me to meet you at the airport to deliver the puppy to you if or when I have time to do so,
there will be a $300 extra cost for my time and gas and it can NOT be on the weekend when other people are picking puppies up in person. I am only able to drive to the airport Monday to Friday, no exceptions, sorry.

Keep in mind I am a large breeder, one of the largest in Ontario if not Canada. I have a lot of litters to juggle and if I am expecting new puppies I can not leave my house. So me being able to leave my house to get to the airport is dependent on other expected litters.


If you have friends or family in the area that would be willing to come and pick up the puppy for you, we will gladly allow them to deal with flying the puppy and you do not get charged the travel cost.  

If you send in an application and then decide you can not follow through on the rest of the purchase due to costs, the application fee is not refundable, so be certain your willing and able to go through with the cost of shipping.

If the puppy perishes or is lost while on the flight we do not cover that. Let me repeat that and make it crystal clear. We DO NOT want to ship the puppy, We prefer you to pick it up, once it leaves my hands I am no longer responsible for it's welfare. If it dies in flight that has nothing at all to do with me. I provided the puppy in a healthy condition and YOU chose to fly it. We do recommend looking into insurance to cover that possibility which is more of a cost to you. Once it leaves our hands we are not responsible for it's safety in the air. I mention this because while it is rare we have had one puppy get on an airplane, as online luggage with it's owner and it could not handle the pressure of the flight and started to have
seizures in the air. There is nothing you can do once the airplane is in the air. The puppy had to be humanely euthanized on the other end of the flight because it was brain dead by the time the flight landed. This has nothing to do with me. If the puppy had not flown it would still be alive
and healthy today. So we make it incredibly clear that once we leave the puppy with the airline, we hold no responsibility at all to the health and welfare of the puppy until it reaches your hands on the other end. You assume all risks with flying the puppy. We do fly many puppies every year with no issues at all, but in the rare case something happens we do not replace the puppy or offer any refunds at all.

If the puppy makes it to your location and is denied entry to your location for a mistake of paperwork on your part and needs to be shipped back to us, that would be your cost as well as the return flight to you. Make sure all paperwork on your end is clear and in order to avoid this type of problem. We will ask what papers you need from us and we will provide what we are asked to provide.

If you do want us to ship the puppy (within Canada), you will be responsible for paying for everything a minimum of 7 days prior to the puppy leaving. We will send you a total cost breakdown similar to this (example only).

  • Puppy purchase price $2000

  • Crate                             $  125

  • Flight                             $  350

  • package shipping        $    50

  • Travel costs                  $  300

  • second vaccinations    $ 100

  • boarding x4                   $ 1200


We do not take shipping lightly and we do not hide the cost. So if you really want a puppy
from us and your really serious about the responsibility of shipping then let us know and
we will work with you to match you with the perfect puppy.

Any questions on shipping feel free to ask. We are here to help!


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