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We do get asked a lot when is a good time to get a second dog and what they should get in terms of gender.
So lets go over a couple of things.

So gender is the easy answer. If your current dog is dominant get a boy, if your current dog is submissive it won't really matter.
Work with us to help match you up.

Timing. Different answer for each situation. In a nut shell do not get a second dog until your first one is trained to a level that you have almost no complaints about the behaviour and habits. Your puppy will pick up the good and not so good habits of the older dog in the house so if they still have accidents, jump up, run away etc your puppy will follow suit.

So a few things to think about.
When you have 2 dogs fairly close in age not only do you go through the younger years together but you will go through senior years together as well. That means that all the issues that can come with aging happen at the same time, two dogswith vision issues, mobility issues, extra vet visits, and most likely death within a very short window, because they are so bonded to each other they stop wanting to live. Then you go from an active home with a couple of dogs to an empty house rather quickly and that can be depressing for us as humans. When you have elderly dogs in the house you do not want to stress them with a puppy, so if you loose one dog at lets say 12 and you still have an 11 year old, you do not want to bring in a puppy. That is not fair to the 11 years old dog who deserves to live out their days in peace and quite and not warding off an annoying puppy.

Also think about why you got the dogs in the first place. What do you like to do with them? How long will it take to train the first one in all the fun things you wanted to do? Each dog deserves to be an individual and do their own fun things so do you have the time and finances to train two dogs? Or would it be more fair to focus all your energy on the one dog for a few years and then start off with a puppy?

My general rule of thumb is to not consider a second puppy before 2 years old, and not after 9 years old. 4-5 is a good target age. Having 4-5 years in between the dogs allows you to have a lot of quality one on one, the dog is hopefully trained to a level that it is nothing but a great teacher for the puppy, it is still young enough to have many years of play time together with the puppy and by the time the older dog starts to slow down, the young one is not in the silly bouncy stage anymore and can relax and be respectful, and if you get a third one at 4 years apart you would still have a mature 4-5 year old and a mature 8-9 year old, and when the 8-9 year old passes on the puppy is old enough you could
start to consider a new puppy if you wanted to.

There is no right or wrong answer really, it depends on your lifestyle.
The only 100% solid guarantee from me is I will never sell two puppies to the same home at the same time.
If you happen to think you want two puppies at the same time it tells me that you don't want the dogs
to do anything with the dogs them selves, you want them to entertain each other so you do not have to. That is not where my puppies will go. I want my puppies to live full lives with undivided attention from very dedicated owners and that means not having two puppies at the same time.

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