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Pawter is the puppy I had no idea I needed until he was born and I simply could not let him go. I did not need a boy, but I needed him. He is my side kick, he has the enthusiasm of 10 dogs, a crazy strong work ethic, always willing to please and picks up on anything we want to train him to do faster than we can train it. I breed my dogs to have brains and a strong work ethic and that is this guy in every sense. Pawter combines both of my foundation blood lines, he goes back to my girl Vegas on his mom's side and my girl Noel on his dad's side. It's probably why I love him so much. Pawter is just coming of age to have puppies for us, we should see his offspring arrive summer/fall of 2021. 

Pawter is a water dog, he is a crazy toy dog, he is athletic as an aussie should be, he enjoys balancing on his back legs and he is started in scent work and we hope to trial him when we finish his training and things open up. He is also going to do some dock diving training! He's one of the most fun dogs I've worked with in a long time. 


Pawter doing scent work, Left he has laid down next to the cone with the scent, Right he indicates with his nose very clearly where the scent is. This boy is so easy to work with! 

pawter pedigree.PNG
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