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Born Friday June 14th 2024


Times like this that being a breeder gives you grey hair. We did not breed this litter on purpose, in fact I had no idea he had gotten to her. He was the one who told me she was in season but we were sure she had just started, we are not new to the signs and we kept them apart for 3 weeks when she showed all signs of being finished. According to the delivery date, she ovulates really early and he had clearly done the deed and then told us she was in season. She showed no signs of being pregnant or labor at all until she decided to deliver her on the dog bed in front of me. The shock on my face should be been caught on camera and my scramble to reorganize my house. 


So that being said we now have a beautiful unplanned girl who needs a home. If I was not trying to downsize my numbers I'd keep her, she is absolutely beautiful and perfectly marked and I wish she was born at a time I could keep her. 


I expect her to be 35 pounds or so full grown. If she's like both parents she will be very social and love everyone and everything she meets, very non aussie like but pet owners appreciate a much more friendly personality which both parents have. She should be incredibly smart, both parents come from a long line of amazing dogs who are very in tune to their owners, learn things very quickly, and LOVE to learn new things. From just being an active family member or a girl who does sports for fun, she should excel at it all and be beautiful while doing it. 

MYSTERY                                                                         RESERVED   $2000

Blue merle female. Beautifully marked and solid. I'm sure in a year I'll be kicking myself for letting her go but she has a great home waiting for her to be ready! 

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