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Mini American Litter

Born Wednesday May 29 2024

Ready for new homes July 27/28, 2024


ESTIMATED SIZE:        Medium size 
                                      16-18 inches tall average
                                      25-40 pounds..                             

ENERGY LEVEL:          Physically: Medium energy needing 2 hours of off leash running per day
                                     Mentally: Medium energy needing 2 hours per day of training.

NATURAL RESERVE:  Moderate Reserve.

Hydro has only had one litter for us and her puppies were outstanding in every way, they basically trained them selves while they were with me. They were sleeping in crates all on their own and even asking at the door to go out to potty. They were some of the fastest puppies to pick up on all aspects of training. A part of me regrets not keeping one myself. So I expect very similar, smart, outgoing, willing to please puppies. 

I would LOVE to find a co-own for a black tri male. I can't say which boy it would be because I need to pick based on structure and movement and not colour or markings. We need some new boys around so I can retire Cobra and Epic. Reach out if this interests you at all. 


All pet puppies are $2000.  



Black Tri Male #1

Mr flashy man himself. Beautiful blaze, lots of copper and a nice 3/4 collar. 



Black Tri Male #2

This guy has tons of copper to make up for a bit less white. But don't you dare call him plain, he's beautiful! 



Blue merle male

Perfectly show marked! Huge blaze and collar, if you like flashy this guy has it all! 



Blue merle female

If we had to only have one girl, this would be a dream puppy all wrapped up in one little amazing package. Beautiful square head and about as much white as you can have before being a mismark! She's stunning and may just hang around here a while to see how she matures. 

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