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Mini American Litter

Puppies born December 25 2023

Ready to go to new homes 17/18 2024

vaccines scheduled for Feb 15th at 9:30 am. 

confetti stand.jpg
cobra stand.jpg

ESTIMATED SIZE:        Small to Medium 
                                      14-16 inches tall average
                                      20-25 pounds..                             

ENERGY LEVEL:          Physically: Medium energy needing 2 hours of off leash running per day
                                     Mentally: Medium energy needing 2 hours per day of training.

NATURAL RESERVE:  Moderate Reserve.

Confetti very consistently produces easy going puppies, they are smart and willing to please, LOVE kids and are really easy to have around. Low/Medium energy and very adaptable. She may be one of my top producing females at this time in my breeding program, her puppies can just do it all from happily doing sports if you want to one day to hanging out and watching netflix the next. This is Cobra's first litter. He himself is my most laid back easy dog, he will go hiking with us if we want him to but his favorite pass time is cuddling. He's so easy going I can often forget he's even here. Not a mean bone in his body. If the puppies are anything like their parents they should be, very chill and easy going but up for any challenge you ask of them. I would LOVE to find a co-owner for a male puppy but at the end of the day they all just need great loving homes. Ready to go end of February or early March. 

ALL PUPPIES $2500 as pets to be spayed/neutered

week pictures up Feb 1st 

The only puppy possibly available is Carol the black tri female if I don't hold onto her myself. 

CHRISTMAS "CAROL"                          

Black Tri Female

The only girl born. I may hold her back for a while since it is much easier for me to live with a girl long term rather than a boy and I do love my current confetti daughters (Walk'her and Pastel), but that being said I have no real plans to keep anyone unless a bunch of the dogs we have looking for homes start to move, so if a great home comes along and she's a good fit I will let her go. 


"FIGGY" PUDDING                      

Blue merle Male                                                                                                                                                                             ON HOLD FOR JULIE 

 Figgy is a lighter marked guy with more grey and less black. He's got great copper already and I expect will be very similar in small size to both mom and dad, around 15-16 inches and 20-25 pounds depending how chunky you keep him. As long as nothing changes this guy is heading to the East Coast with two big sisters to teach him the ropes! 


NUT CRACKER                                         

On hold pending his personality evaluation as a service/therapy type puppy. He has big shoes to fill to go to this working home and if he does not check all the boxes he'll be available as a pet


Blue merle male

This guy is going to be big, he's thick and solid and if I had to guess will be 45 pounds or so. He has amazing bold markings and sure is a show stopper that way but for me he will be a bit over sized for breeding so I'm not looking at him to hold back at all. He needs a great pet home to love him. 



Black Tri Male

Smallest puppy at 5 weeks old, so likely same size as his daddy. Look at his copper. Talk about a pretty puppy. He is a fun and confident puppy, he LOVES people and toys and is very social. 




                CHIMNEY      FIGGY          NUTTY          CAROL

birth        8.5 oz             8 oz               12 oz              9 oz

1 week    13.0 oz           14 oz             1 lb 2 oz         1 lb

2 week    1 lb 4 oz         1 lb 6 oz        1 lb 14 oz       1 lb 8 oz

3 week    1 lb 11 oz       2 lb                2 lb 10 oz       2 lb 4 oz

4 week    2 lb 3 oz         2 lb 9 oz        3 lb 4 oz         2 lb 13 oz

5 week   3 lb 3 oz          3 lb 15 oz      4 lb 9 oz         3 lb 5 oz

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