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Mini American Litter

Puppies born December 25 2023

Ready to go to new homes 17/18 2024

vaccines scheduled for Feb 15th at 9:30 am. 

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cobra stand.jpg

Updated and New pictures MAY 6th

Please Understand I am not a pet store open for visits. I do not allow people to visit, shop and make inspirational decisions based on looks or 1 simple interaction with a puppy. A puppy from me is a life long commitment and I take my placements very seriously. Not only do I need to know you will care for the puppy, I need to know you want to work with ME as a breeder and you want to be a part of the Stoverly family, not just hand me money and disappear. We care about each puppy we produce and we want to hear about their lives. If you are serious about this or another puppy please read over all the contracts, fill out the application and send it back to us with the application fee, this proves to me you are serious about working with me and not just shopping around. Once we receive it and go over it we will contact you to discuss if we feel this puppy is best or discuss why a different puppy may be a better fit. Once we agree, and we do need to agree, this is not a dictatorship but a partnership, we will make an appointment to get that puppy in for a vet visit and vaccine update and you may pick the puppy up the following weekend after it has it's vet visit. 

I am incredibly busy on a farm so I do not have the luxury of available time to entertain visitors who need to then go home and think things over. I do the "thinking" over emails and messages which I can answer on my own time, and visits are for picking up the puppy we have agreed is the best fit for your family. 

CHRISTMAS "CAROL"                                                                                          


$2000 with vaccinations updated, $1800 without her vaccines updated.

Black Tri Female

The only girl born. She was my keeper puppy until her bite when off just slightly but enough that I can not breed her. 

She has a very confident personality. She read the breed description and takes it to heart. She may be small in size and cute and fluffy but this wee girl is very quickly working her way up to be a true leader, just like her great grandma Vegas. I LOVE this personality so much it's hard to put into words. I wish every dog in my house had this level of confidence.

This puppy can hold her own against any of my adults, if they are playing and get too rough with her she chases them down and tells them off. Not kidding, and they respect her for it. She is completely appropriate in her behaviour and is establishing her role as a confident leader. In a pet home this can be a problem where we are a soft society and we want everyone to get along and any form of growling or fighting is quickly reprimanded, that is not an environment for this puppy. When a dog is being appropriate in their correcting of another dog, and we as humans step in to stop it, we are sending the message that we take authority away from the more authoritative dog and then that dog needs to escalate to less appropriate behaviour to establish their rank.  This girl needs an environment where she will be allowed to be authoritative and be a leader and where those qualities will be molded and appreciated and not tried to extinguish them, because that is when you have a frustrated dog on your hands. Don't get me wrong she is NOT aggressive, not in any way at all, she is just authoritative and a natural leader. In my home she gets along with everyone and all my dogs adore her and appreciate her and they play for hours with her. I have never had a bad interaction with her because she knows from a young age exactly how to communicate with other dogs. I LOVE her personality and she makes my life so easy because she communicates so well with the other dogs.  

She is very eager to please and likes to work, she really likes having guidance from her human and skills to perform and she loves figuring things out and getting things right. She is very velcro to her humans and is always where I am waiting for me to interact with her and give her direction. Great with kids and the free range livestock. Also like the rest of my puppies I would not say she is pet home house trained. She is good in the house but I leave my back door open a lot, so that puppies and expectant or new moms who may not have great bladder control can just come and go in the fenced area as they want, I don't stick to one area of the house so I may not always see someone "asking". This is easier for me. I also don't stay put for long, I am always in and out of the house tending to the farm and other chores and the dogs all know if I go out they are welcome to follow me, and she does. So with this lifestyle I do not have accidents, but if I left the door closed and went and sat on the couch for a few hours, I am pretty sure accidents would happen because they don't understand how to get the door to open for them to go outside  

If this fun girl interests you feel free to reach out. She will be a blast in the right home and so much fun. She already has a love everyone personality and she knows how cute she is :) 



                CHIMNEY      FIGGY          NUTTY          CAROL

birth        8.5 oz             8 oz               12 oz              9 oz

1 week    13.0 oz           14 oz             1 lb 2 oz         1 lb

2 week    1 lb 4 oz         1 lb 6 oz        1 lb 14 oz       1 lb 8 oz

3 week    1 lb 11 oz       2 lb                2 lb 10 oz       2 lb 4 oz

4 week    2 lb 3 oz         2 lb 9 oz        3 lb 4 oz         2 lb 13 oz

5 week   3 lb 3 oz          3 lb 15 oz      4 lb 9 oz         3 lb 5 oz

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