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Mini American Litter

Puppies born Tuesday Sept 5 2023

Ready for new homes

Epic 2021.jpg

Updated and New pictures MAY 5th

Please Understand I am not a pet store open for visits. I do not allow people to visit, shop and make inspirational decisions based on looks or 1 simple interaction with a puppy. A puppy from me is a life long commitment and I take my placements very seriously. Not only do I need to know you will care for the puppy, I need to know you want to work with ME as a breeder and you want to be a part of the Stoverly family, not just hand me money and disappear. We care about each puppy we produce and we want to hear about their lives. If you are serious about this or another puppy please read over all the contracts, fill out the application and send it back to us with the application fee, this proves to me you are serious about working with me and not just shopping around. Once we receive it and go over it we will contact you to discuss if we feel this puppy is best or discuss why a different puppy may be a better fit. Once we agree, and we do need to agree, this is not a dictatorship but a partnership, we will make an appointment to get that puppy in for a vet visit and vaccine update and you may pick the puppy up the following weekend after it has it's vet visit. 

I am incredibly busy on a farm so I do not have the luxury of available time to entertain visitors who need to then go home and think things over. I do the "thinking" over emails and messages which I can answer on my own time, and visits are for picking up the puppy we have agreed is the best fit for your family. 

V.P (vice Principal, I now call her VICE)

BLACK and WHITE  FEMALE                                                                                           


$2000 with Rabies/parvo/Distemper. $1800 without those vaccines. 


Vice is just black and white like her mom Mercedes, no copper anywhere. She is now 8 months old. She is soft and sweet like her mom, everything about her reminds me of her mom. She is a bit softer in personality, and has to think through things. She's not a fighter, she will hang back and avoid confrontation.  She is a lot more independent than most and if we are off leash and not interacting with her she's off to find her own adventures, so not the type of pup you can leave unattended and unsupervised without a fence. If your interacting with her she's great and stays with you. She loves to be off leash and stretching her legs and the pure joy in her face when she gets to run warms your heart. She has an incredible nose and she would excel at scent work, her nose finds things even my adults miss. Scent work can be done at home and on walks with very little equipment and is ideal for busy families who don't want to have to go to agility classes to keep the dog happy. You can do 1-2 scent courses to get the basic training down pat and then do it at home on your own. Great for crowded city living and condo's where you are limited in space and yet still want to keep your puppy busy. 

Vice is completely crate trained, sleeps all night in her crate and goes in any time I'm not around to keep an eye on her. Like all my puppies I would not say they are pet home house trained. She is good in the house but I leave my back door open a lot, so that puppies and expectant or new moms who may not have great bladder control can just come and go in the fenced area as they want. I don't stick to one area of the house so I may not always see someone "asking". This is easier for me. I also don't stay put for long, I am always in and out of the house tending to the farm and other chores and the dogs all know if I go out they are welcome to follow me, and she does. So with this lifestyle I do not have accidents, but if I left the door closed and went and sat on the couch for a few hours, I am pretty sure accidents would happen because they don't understand how to get the door to open for them to go outside.  I NEVER leave her loose if I am not home. No exceptions. She is crate trained for her own safety because aussies get bored and can get into trouble left on their own.

I would say of all the puppies she is hands down the lowest energy overall and the least needy of my attention. She is very happy being off on her own doing her own thing. She is very well socialized with several pet expo's under her belt. Good with kids, cats and free range chickens. No leash work has been done because that is not a priority to me. I work off leash 99% of the time. 

Sadly for Vice she is following in the footsteps of her mom and her soft personality does not fit into my group. They are starting to pick on her, steal food and treats and not allow her to play, before they really give her a complex we would love to find her a home and as such are reducing her purchase price. 

With this discount she will not come with extra's. She will have her Rabies (will still need a parvo/distemper booster), she will be microchipped and that's it. We will not be sending home the puppy gift pack that costs us more money. 

We are willing to deliver her to an approved home within reason, think 3 hours one way maximum or meet half way if you wish to cover gas costs. However timing for that offer is set to expire and be much more difficult as we have new litters of puppies on the way and once we have a house full of new babies, we can't go far. 

If this sweet girl interests you feel free to reach out. 

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