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Born Aug 25 2023



New pictures are up JAN 4th!! 

Up to date as of Feb 01 2024. 

1 blue merle female available so scroll down to meet her 

Once you send me an application with payment expect the earliest pick up to be the following weekend AFTER you send me paperwork, so 7-12 days depending on both of our schedules.

I do work outside of the home at a job 3-4 days a week and some of those days can fall on a weekend, so I am not available all of the time to go over paperwork, update vaccinations, pack the gift bags or do pick ups. I also live on a small hobby farm with other animals who need food, water and cleaning on a regular basis before I can sit at a computer, so please be patient while we work together to get you the perfect family pet! 


Female.    DOCKED TAIL                                                                                                                                                                                     $2500

At 4 month she is the most reserved and sensitive, takes a while to convince her to come close enough to be touched, she prefers to follow directions without any handling from us, I can send her outside, call her back inside and send her into her crate and she complies but if I go to catch her because she's running in with muddy feet then she shuts down and becomes very unsure of the situation and second guesses both herself and me. Currently the most reserved but she was not like that previously so it may be a phase. We will keep working with her while she is with us and see if she comes around to be her outgoing self again. If not she will be more typical reserved aussie, bonded to her family and not needing the outside world. She is a follower, will follow the other puppies to go exploring but won't go out on her own, sticks by my side. She is very pretty and would fit in best with a family who can help her build confidence and would even benefit from a second confident dog in the home. She does love to learn and the fear goes away if we pull out food so she will be easy enough to work with. She is the smallest of the 3 so likely going to be around 30 pounds full grown.


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