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Puppies due around January 29. Puppies going home around March 25/26 or April 1/2

confetti stand.jpg

POSSIBLE COLOURS: Black, Red, Blue merle and Red merle are possible
                                      Moderate to Maximum white
                                      All puppies will have copper.

ESTIMATED SIZE:        Medium to Larger size
                                      16-19 inches tall average
                                      25-40 pounds..                             

ENERGY LEVEL:          Physically: Medium energy needing 2 hours of off leash running per day
                                     Mentally: Medium energy needing 2 hours per day of training.


Well I loved Confetti's first litter with Pawter as it gave me my girl Walk'her who has the best love everyone personality you could ask for. She is my grand daughters best friend when she visits. We were going to use Cobra but he was only interested in IQ and no matter what we tried he wanted nothing to do with Confetti, so we borrowed a boy named Max from our friends at Tresrullah Kennels and he got the job done within minutues of being in the house lol Good stud dog! Mac is quite a bit larger than Confetti being small standard in size so we could get over sized puppies. Max has the most goofy fun loving personality, he grins and he thinks your lap is his personal throne lol His pedigree is incredible and his over all structure and movement are lovely. These should be some incredible puppies! 

She only had 4 puppies in her first litter so I am not expecting more than that, puppies will be limited and always go to the waiting list first so if this litter interests you, reach out and we can get you on the list! The plan now that we have used Max is to keep the best puppy regardless of colour and gender. So we will not know what is actually available until after we pick our keeper puppy at 8 weeks old. 

To get on the waiting list for one of these incredible puppies contact us. 



Confetti did a great job of giving me a lot of colour and 7 puppies to work with. I AM keeping the pick puppy maybe 2 puppies a male and a female if I can line up a partner family.  I do not pick my puppies based on colour, it has to be structure and movement at 8 weeks old. So while I will have at least 5 puppies who need to go into pet homes, I can't promise any individual puppy. Your families lifestyle also has to match the puppies personality needs and I can't match anyone based on just colour and markings, that does not make anything a better or worse fit.  I know for sure two females will be available and I know for sure a black tri male and a red merle male will both be available I just can not tell you which ones. You can ask for one of them by colour but it will be pending their personality evaluations. That is the deciding factor every time I place a puppy and that does mean you may be a good match and may need to choose a secondary puppy in the litter. 

ALL PUPPIES $2500 on spay/neuter contracts. 


The puppies pictured below are the available puppies, the rest have moved on to their new families. 


Black Tri Male #1



Black Tri Male #2



Black Tri Female


                    COY                       SLY                       FRISKY                    WINK                        FLING                   FLIRT                      TEASE

BIRTH          9.25 oz                  10.25 oz               11 oz                         8.25 oz                     7.5 oz                    9.75 oz                    8.5 oz

1 week        12.5 oz                   13.5 oz                 1 lb                           12.5 oz                     11.5 oz                  13.0 oz                    12.0 oz

2 week        15.5 oz                   1 lb 2 oz               1 lb 9 oz                  1 lb 1 oz                   13.75 oz                 1 lb 1 oz                  1 lb 2 oz

3 week        1 lb 1 oz                 1 lb 5 oz               1 lb 12 oz                1 lb 4 oz                   1 lb                        1 lb 4 oz                  1 lb 4 oz

4 week        1 lb 4 oz                 1 lb 10 oz             2 lb 3 oz                  1 lb 9 oz                    1 lb 4 oz               1 lb 11 oz                1 lb 12 oz

5 week        1 lb 9 oz                 1 lb 15 oz             2 lb 11 oz                1 lb 14 lb                  1 lb 10 oz              2 lb 4 oz                  2 lb 6 oz

6 week

7 week

8 week

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