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born Saturday December 3rd

Ready for homes Friday January 27th or Saturday January 28th

ESTIMATED SIZE:        Medium to large Sized
                                      17-19 inches tall average
                                      25-40 pounds..                             

ENERGY LEVEL:          Physically: Medium-high energy needing 2-3 hours of off leash running per day
                                     Mentally: High energy needing 3 hours per day of training.

NATURAL RESERVE:  Moderate Reserve.

ALL PUPPIES $2500 sold as pets to be spayed/neutered unless otherwise specified and agreed upon


Vaccinations were done Monday Jan 23rd and everyone is very healthy and ready to go as soon as they find suitable homes. These are some of the most easy going and complacent lower energy puppies I have had in a very long time and I don't expect to get this level of easy any time soon. Anyone interested in a puppy does need to submit an application with payment and go over the welcome package before picking up a puppy, so there will be no same day pick up. We will need at least 72 hours or until the following weekend to make sure you are prepared and to get puppy packs all sorted out. As puppies secure homes we will remove them from the website so as not to cause confusion on who is available. 

Reach out with any questions you may have. 


RED TRI FEMALE #1                                                                                                                                                                                   $2500

8 week update. She is the lightest colour of red, she has a small area of white on the back of her neck, more than the rest. She is consistently the calmest and quietest, she is happy to play on her own or with the other puppies or with us, she's pretty neutral and just goes with the flow. She is very easy going, very complacent, I ask her to stay for pictures and she does, she's just a very nice easy going girl who would make anyone a fantastic family pet. She is not bossy or pushy and she really enjoys cuddling more than girls usually do. 



BLACK TRI FEMALE                                                                                                                                                                                    $2500

8 week update. The only black puppy and of course the largest girl so expect her to mature around 40-45 pounds. She is probably the softest personality in the litter and needs a bit more socializing, she takes the longest to come around in new situations like the vet clinic, where she likes to just hang back and observe longer than the rest. She does come around and is then fun and outgoing but she's not a love you at first sight girl. She will be the most reserved and need the most patience when it comes to how much she chooses to interact with strange people. 


                                     CANDY                           HOLLY                      GINGER                    MERRY                     KRINGLE              JACK FROST 

Birth Dec 3                   8.0 oz                              8.25 oz                      7.25 oz                      11.25 oz                    8.5 oz                    9.5 oz

1 wk Dec 10                 1 lb 1 oz                          1 lb                           1 lb                             1 lb 7 oz                   1 lb 2 oz                1 lb 5 oz

2 wk Dec 17                 1 lb 10 oz                        1 lb 9 oz                   1 lb 8 oz                     2 lb 2 oz                   1 lb 14 oz              2 lb 2 oz

3 wk Dec 24                 2 lb 5 oz                          2 lb 2 oz                   2 lb 1 oz                     3 lb                           2 lb 9 oz                2 lb 14 oz

4 wk Dec 31                 2 lb 13 oz                        2 lb 9 oz                   2 lb 10 oz                   3 lb 10 oz                 3 lb 5 oz                3 lb 9 oz

5 wk Jan 7                   3 lb 8 oz                           3 lb 5 oz                   3 lb 6 oz                     4 lb 8 oz                   4 lb 4 oz                4 lb 9 oz

6 wk Jan 14                 4 lb 10 oz                         4 lb 3 oz                   4 lb 5 oz                      5 lb 9 oz                  5 lb 6 oz                5 lb 9 oz

7 wk Jan 21                 5 lb 5 oz                           4 lb 13 oz                 5 lb 2 oz                      6 lb 14 oz                6 lb 2 oz                7 lb    

8 wk Jan 28  

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