Miniature American Shepherd Litter

Litter born Thursday July 21

Ready for new homes  Sept 23/24 

Technically these guys are 8 weeks the week before but we are at the Canadian Pet Expo in Mississauga. So we will give families two options. Come up to Midland at 7 weeks to do all of the paperwork and finalize payment, we will take them to the pet expo and you may pick them up 1 hour before the end of the show SUNDAY at the International center in Mississauga. Or we will hold them until the following weekend and do pick up the 23/24th. 

Epic 2021.jpg

Expect fun loving active puppies who love to be included in everything you do, love toys and playing and learning. Very little reserve with strangers, both parents would go home with anyone. Not mellow hang out on the couch dogs, this is an active fun breed and these parents live up to that. 

Now I do know everyone will have marking preferences, please understand that I place puppies based on how you can meet the puppies needs NOT on how pretty the puppy is and how the markings appeal to you. If you are a more laid back family and the puppy is crazy high energy, I will place a different puppy with you because you will be able to meet it's needs better. So I have 3 blue merle males, if that is your choice you will get 1 of them, but you will not know which one until we are almost at pick up. Likewise I have 2 blue merle females, I am hoping to keep one back and whether I do or not and which one will depend how they mature and evaluate. So I can promise you which ever one I don't keep but I won't know which one that is until 8 weeks old. 

ALL PUPPIES ARE $2500 as pets to be spayed/neutered. 

Born amidst some wild weather and tornado warnings we went with some fun weather names for these guys. 

In no particular order, pending personality evaluations

1. black tri female on hold for paquette family

2. blue merle male for the Lockwood family

3. If she pans out well we will hold back the blue merle female 



This little guy is a lovely dark shade of blue with almost no white, he is incredible looking and not a pattern we see very often. 




This little guy has just enough white to be contrasting against his dark grey and big black areas. You can already see his copper, this puppy will be breathtaking! If he turns out as nice as he looks now I'd love to find him a co-owner. 



This little guy is what I'd call your classic marked guy. Typical lighter grey with smaller black spots and just the right amount of white! 


BLACK TRI FEMALE                                                                                                                     on hold for the paquette family pending evaluation

This little lady is incredible with her almost all black look with a bit of copper and just touches of white. I know lots of people may not be drawn to her but this is my favorite look! 



This little lady and her bold markings had me at hello. I so wish she had a wider head but it may still grow into what I need in my program. If I wanted a "pet" she'd be staying lol So sadly for me it comes down to being very practical and doing evaluations to pick based on over all quality and not on pretty markings and nice head shape. 


                       Cyclone       Typhoon      Tornado        Twister          Hurricane         

birth              9.5oz            8.5 oz           10.75 oz         9.0 oz            7.75 oz

1 week          1 lb 4 oz       1 lb 3 oz       1 lb 8 oz        1 lb 3 oz        12.75 oz

2 week          1 lb 10 oz      1 lb 10 oz    2 lb 1 oz        1 lb 10 oz      1 lb 2 oz

3 week

4 week

5 week

6 week

7 week

8 week


As of July 2022 we have decided to give our families the option of raw feeding, which is our preference, or TLC kibble. Any families past, present and future may switch from raw to TLC and warranties will continue to be valid as long as you use this link to order so we can track who is using it. TLC is delivered to your door and we are introducing it to all puppies prior to them leaving as well as adults prior to retiring them to give families food choices.