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Miniature American Shepherd Litter

Litter born Thursday July 21

Ready for new homes  Sept 23/24 

Technically these guys are 8 weeks the week before but we are at the Canadian Pet Expo in Mississauga. So we will give families two options. Come up to Midland at 7 weeks to do all of the paperwork and finalize payment, we will take them to the pet expo and you may pick them up 1 hour before the end of the show SUNDAY at the International center in Mississauga. Or we will hold them until the following weekend and do pick up the 23/24th. 

Epic 2021

TYPHOON                                                                                                                                                                         AVALABLE FOR SALE  $2500


This little guy is the one available from the litter, he is a fun guy with an all aussie personality. He has started to submissive grin like his mom, a trait I love, he loves to play with the other dogs, is toy motivated, he eats Raw or kibble but has a preference to raw, he can be a bit vocal about his needs like when I'm too slow with breakfast. He is rather interactive and would enjoy a home with kids or other dogs who like to play. Knowing his parents he will be an active guy who loves to learn new fun things. Not a couch warmer, he would prefer to chase a ball or frisbee and long off leash hikes in the bush. He is doing very well with his crate training, we feed in the crate so he enjoys going in. He is also doing well on house training, he asks when he wants to go outside although he does not always associate outside with potty time and he does still have accidents but he's got the basic idea. He is ready to go as soon as he finds a home to love him. 


                       Cyclone       Typhoon      Tornado        Twister          Hurricane         

birth              9.5oz            8.5 oz           10.75 oz         9.0 oz            7.75 oz

1 week          1 lb 4 oz       1 lb 3 oz       1 lb 8 oz        1 lb 3 oz        12.75 oz

2 week          1 lb 10 oz     1 lb 10 oz     2 lb 1 oz        1 lb 10 oz      1 lb 2 oz

3 week          2 lb 3 oz        2 lb 3 oz      2 lb 11 oz      2 lb 2 oz        1 lb 10 oz

4 week          2 lb 8 oz        2 lb 10 oz    2 lb 14 oz      2 lb 9 oz        2 lb    

5 week          3 lb 5 oz        3 lb 10 oz    3 lb 13 oz      3 lb 9 oz        3 lb

6 week          3 lb 7 oz        4 lb             4 lb 2 oz         3 lb 12 oz      3 lb 3 oz

7 week          3 lb 15 oz      4 lb 11 oz   4 lb 12 oz       4 lb 5 oz        3 lb 9 oz

8 week


As of July 2022 we have decided to give our families the option of raw feeding, which is our preference, or TLC kibble. Any families past, present and future may switch from raw to TLC and warranties will continue to be valid as long as you use this link to order so we can track who is using it. TLC is delivered to your door and we are introducing it to all puppies prior to them leaving as well as adults prior to retiring them to give families food choices.

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