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This is a MINI AMERICAN litter. 

 This is IQ's retirement litter. She is from my smartest and most loyal blood lines going back to Eureka. IQ  produces very versitile puppies who can literally do anything you ask. She has produced official service dogs and professional athletes. Her puppies love to work with you in partnership, they are naturally very toy driven, eager to please and have minimal reserve with strangers. They are smart and love to learn new things. They love to be outdoors hiking, swimming, chasing balls and frisbees. Bred to Pawter these should be finer boned puppies with less coat, so more of a working look and less of a show ring look. Excellent family pets with the ability to chill out in the house. Probably 25 pounds average weight when grown up. 

We have 7 puppies to place in homes. We will need to make sure personality matches more than colour and markings.  You can absolutely tell me male or female, black tri or merle but I need a bit of lea way to juggle to make sure personality matches your needs. So currently we have 2 black tri males, we will match the applicants for those two puppies based on how they each fit the interested homes. We have 2 merle puppies, even though one is blue and one is red we will NOT promise 1 particular puppy, you will get which ever merle fits your needs best. We have 3 females, currently we have a sports home who wants the best fit regardless of colour, so again we will look at over all personality as they grow up and match everyone based on how you can meet the puppies needs and how they will each fit into potential homes. 

If you happen to be interested in this litter feel free to reach out to me


All puppies are $2500. A $500 application fee and $2000 upon pick up. Regardless of colour/markings. 

All tails are docked and dew claws are removed. 

6 week pictures on a white background. 

Pictures will be updated weekly either Sunday or Monday as I have time. 

We "may" have a puppy come available. We have a few spots who need personality over all else so if something does not work out we will update what is available at 8 weeks but for now they are all on hold. 

#1. Kelli is getting a merle male 

#2 Arlene (might) be interested in only the blue merle male for sports if he is perfect for her needs. If not this spot is open

#3 Kristen V is getting a black tri (prefers Short bred for the boys and Linzer for the girls) 

#4 Cheryl is getting a male, either a black tri ( Macaroon is the preference for markings) or red merle male. Does not want blue. 

#5 Lisa is getting a female. Best one for sports. Colour not important. 

#6 Charlene and her family will get a female, best fit, colour not important. 

#7. Jen is looking for an emotion support type of dog.  

So we "may" have a spot open up. I will not know which gender or which puppy until literally the last minute. If you would like to be next in line for a puppy just reach out and we can get you on the waiting list. 



BLACK TRI MALE #1                                                                                                                                                             $2500

He is a stunning guy with nice amount of white markings. He is just a tiny wee guy, he is quite a bit smaller than his siblings, he is growing consistently week by week just less than all the rest. He will likely be a bit smaller as an adult but probably not by very much. Still expecting 25 or so pounds full grown. With his smaller size we are just now seeing him avoid the larger puppies who are getting rough, he is about be become a main floor dog and get spoiled lol



BLACK TRI MALE #2                                                                                                                                                           $2500

He is the puppy who always seems to be having a bad hair day lol He is the most vocal right now and always has conversations with us. He LOVES his people, when I'm on the other side of a gate he protests and if I'm in with them he is always at risk of being stepped on, he is fun and playful but very affectionate. 



We have 1 merle male spoken for going to Kelli, we will accept an application for the second one. We will match each puppy to each family based on personality and what each family wants to do with the puppy they get. The puppies will be different and each one will fit one family better than the other. So you MUST be ok with either the blue merle OR the red merle. If not then I am not the breeder for you. Sorry. 



Of course she only gives me one blue merle and he is incredible to look at, very striking markings. Sorry I can't clone him, he can only go to 1 family. If I had to pick the top "show" pick, this would be him, he is the most solid and has the most coat, he's got good angles and is very attentive. Why do I have to love the boys so much lol 




Well this guy has amazing colour, As he grows up it will show through more and more. If I was looking for a sports stud dog this would be him. Short coat, refined in bone and over all appearance. He is the puppy sports homes dream off. I expect him to be built like Kari's Luxio in the group just red merle instead of black. I LOVE this puppy even though he is not what I am looking to breed. If I was looking into sports, I'd be all over him. 




Well she is everything I look for in a puppy, not a lot of white, she is going to be my favorite no matter what anyone else thinks of her. 6 weeks and she's full of spunk and personality, not afraid of anything, happy to explore and very confident in herself. 




Well she is everything everyone else looks for with all that beautiful white! She is beautiful and will make someone a very striking companion. This is the face of a puppy who was told they had to wait until after pictures to eat so they stayed clean, I'm pretty sure her expression is PG13 lol Brave, bold and confident, very toy drive and loves to explore new things. This week she "might" be my favorite girl by a whisker or two. 




She is very pretty and she knows it. This is an odd week for her, I feel like she does not stand out and I loose track of her, she's always in the middle of everything, seems confident and playful and yet nothing really jumps out at me about her. She's not shy and hiding, but she's not in your face screaming here I am. She may be the least people oriented and that may be why she does not stand out. This week will focus on me actually hunting her down to really watch what she's up to so I can evaluate her better. 

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