Minion and Jax Puppies

BORN Tuesday November 9th  2021

This litter will be ready to go home Friday January 7th and Saturday January 8th

If you can not make these pick up times please choose a different litter

This is a MINI AMERICAN litter. 

 This is Minions retirement litter. She is from my smartest and most loyal blood lines going back to Eureka. These blood lines produce very athletic puppies who love to work with you in partnership, they are naturally very toy driven, eager to please and have minimal reserve with strangers. They are active and not suited to a docile hang out on the couch lifestyle. They love to be outdoors hiking, swimming, chasing balls and frisbees. We bred Minion to an outside stud named Jax, he was a unique opportunity for us as he goes back to our very first Mini Aussie Disco. So this is a very sentimental litter. Jax's blood lines are also very smart and eager to please, and very similar to Minions so we felt it would be a great compliment to one another. 

I bred this litter for myself and my future as a breeder. I will not be promising anyone a puppy until after 8 weeks old when I know who I am keeping. From the 3 females 1 will stay with us for sure, I am not looking at colour so it could be the black as easily as a blue. We will choose based on structure, movement and what we think will do well in the conformation show ring as well as what is best suited for us to use for breeding. What we do not keep we will place for sale. You will NOT get to choose your puppy. Sorry, my breeding program is more important than selling this litter. 

If you happen to be interested in this litter because of who the parents are and would like to be on the list for a puppy I do not keep, feel free to reach out to me and we can get you on the official waiting list. 

All tails are docked and dew claws removed. 

All puppies are $2500. A $500 application fee and $2000 upon pick up. Regardless of colour/markings. 

2 week pictures posted November 23rd 





First puppy born, she has a beautiful blaze on her face and mostly a full collar. She already has beautiful copper on her face. 

At birth she was 10.8 oz At 2 weeks old she is my #2 pick and may stay with us just to grow up a bit longer so I can make sure I'm making the right decision, we'll see how she matures over the next few weeks. 




Second puppy born, and the larger of the two girls. For showing purposes we will have to watch her over all size, mini americans have a size disqualification so if she seems to be growing too larger for us we may have to place her as a pet.  

At birth she was 11 oz.  Right now at 2 weeks old she is my favorite female so she is likely the one we will hold onto and hope she grows up as nice as she is at 2 weeks old. 




Last puppy born, and the smallest in the litter. Hoping her smaller size is just because she will be a smaller size as an adult and not because there is an issue. We'll see how she grows up and make sure she is gaining well every day. 

At birth she was 7.3 oz. This little one developed a mild infection shortly after birth and stopped growing, she's on antibiotics and has picked up again but she is quite a bit behind in growth. We are most likely placing her as a pet but won't promise her to anyone until we get to the 8 week mark just in case anything happens.  




The only boy and goodness he's stunning. He is a really big boy at birth so we will see how he grows up. We knew size might have been an issue with this cross. This boy is a hunk of burning love! I can't get enough of him, except mini americans have a size limit and I am confident he's going to go over. I may cry when I sell him because I love him but no use keeping him and not being able to use him. So I'm 99.9% sure he's going to be placed as a pet. My loss is someones jackpot moment. 

At birth he was 12.4 oz.