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Minion and Jax Puppies

BORN Tuesday November 9th  2021

This litter will be ready to go home Friday January 7th and Saturday January 8th

If you can not make these pick up times please choose a different litter

This is a MINI AMERICAN litter. 

 This is Minions retirement litter. She is from my smartest and most loyal blood lines going back to Eureka. These blood lines produce very athletic puppies who love to work with you in partnership, they are naturally very toy driven, eager to please and have minimal reserve with strangers. They are active and not suited to a docile hang out on the couch lifestyle. They love to be outdoors hiking, swimming, chasing balls and frisbees. We bred Minion to an outside stud named Jax, he was a unique opportunity for us as he goes back to our very first Mini Aussie Disco. So this is a very sentimental litter. Jax's blood lines are also very smart and eager to please, and very similar to Minions so we felt it would be a great compliment to one another. 

I bred this litter for myself and my future as a breeder. I will not be promising anyone a puppy until after 8 weeks old when I know who I am keeping. From the 2 larger females 1 will stay with us for sure, I am not looking at colour so it could be the black as easily as the blue. We will choose based on structure, movement and what we think will do well in the conformation show ring as well as what is best suited for us to use for breeding. What we do not keep we will place for sale. For sure the male and the smaller blue will be for sale to pet homes.  

If you happen to be interested in this litter feel free to reach out to me

All tails are docked and dew claws removed. 

All puppies are $2500. A $500 application fee and $2000 upon pick up. Regardless of colour/markings. 

The puppies posted are the ones available. 




BLUE MERLE FEMALE #2                                                                                                                                   ON HOLD $2500

Last puppy born, and the smallest in the litter and that has not changed.  We are holding her back an addition 3 weeks and will do her vaccines with IQ's litter. So she can leave January 28/29 when they do. 

She has funny prick ears, she has an underbite - bottom jaw is shorter than the top, and she's finally just over 2 pounds. Don't let that fool you, she is all aussie, she is feisty, she tells off the big dogs, she holds her own, she is agile and holding her is like holding a slippery eel, she is very active and on the go, she is not really a big cuddler, she wants to run and play and explore, her size makes us watch where we walk because she is always underfoot. Please do not think her current size means she will stay small, contrary, we have had several puppies in 20 years go home at 1.5-2 pounds and they grow to be the same size as all their litter mates, she will still be a 35 pound dog average weight, it will just take her a bit longer to get there, I promise she will not stay small. Also because she is small, right now a walk around the kitchen is enough but as an adult she will need the full 2 hour run and 2 hours of mental stimulation exactly the same as her siblings, please do not allow her current size to give you false expectations. If you would not adopt her sister above then do not look at this one. If you would not be interested in another litter, then don't look at her. She is 100% all aussie! 


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