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Carbon and Epic Puppies


This litter will be ready to go home Friday October 8th and Saturday October 9th

If you can not make these pick up times please choose a different litter

This is a MINI AMERICAN litter. 

 These puppies will all be looking for homes once they are 8 weeks old and pass their vet check up. 

We are NOT reserving puppies ahead of time although we will pencil your name on this litter if it interests you.

Once they are 7 weeks old we will contact the waiting list from top to bottom and see if anyone is interested in what is available and arrange pick up details. 

If this litter interests you based on who the parents are and what we expect personality wise, you may reach out to me and if you are not already on the waiting list you may send in your application and payment. We will work from the top of the list down to the bottom. Some people are only looking for specific colour/gender/size/energy level, so not everyone will be looking at this litter and many are waiting on blue merle males so with 4 black tri boys I expect those will be available to applicants lower on the list if they interest you.


Carbon has a lot of natural aussie reserve with strangers, she comes from a long line of dogs with that natural reserve and they take a long time to warm up to people they do not know really well. You can not socialize it out of them, it's part of their genetic make up. Girls have it stronger than boys. While you can train them to not be neurotic and bark like fools, you can not force them to love everyone. If you must have a social dog (not sure why your looking at aussies) then this is not the right litter for you. 

Males will be more social compared to females but will likely still exhibit some level of being shy and aloof around people they do not know. Epic is a goofy boy so he does tone down the level of reservation the puppies will have. 

Medium to larger sized puppies when full grown. 

The puppies listed below are available as long as they are up on the website



BLUE MERLE FEMALE                                                                                                                                                             AVAILABLE      $2500

Lovely girl with a big 3/4 collar, lots of copper and a softer grey base to her merle markings.  

If anyone was interested in a short term co-own I'd love to discuss being able to show her to her championship and get 2-3 litters from her. 

Contact us for details. She would be hugely discounted to as little as the application fee if the agreement is right. 

Would also sell her as a pet to be spayed. Which ever home comes along first and is the best fit for the puppy.


She is a sweet girl with a sensitive side, she does not love to be picked up and handled, she prefers to do her own thing on the floor so if there are children in the home they should be old enough, mature enough, to understand she does not want to be picked up and held. 

She is a medium energy puppy, playful but not at all hyper. 

She is vocal in play, so not great for apartments/condos. She gets that from her daddy. 

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