EVER and T-REX Puppies


This litter will be ready to go home Friday October 1st and Saturday October 2nd

If you can not make these pick up times please choose a different litter

This is a MINI AMERICAN litter. 

Tails are docked and dew claws removed on all but the special needs girl. She is being left natural with a long tail. 

I am expecting very active, fun, engaged puppies who love to learn and want to be kept busy as a true herding dog should be. 

Perfect for homes who are always outdoors hiking, camping, cross country skiing, and are excited to do lots of training with the puppy, play ball, frisbee and learn tons of tricks. 

Where these puppies, and this breed in general, do not do well, is a family who stays home, prefers the calm quiet lifestyle of gardening, reading a book on a porch swing, curling up and watching movies on tv, and just looking for a calm quiet dog to take on a walk around the block. That is NOT what aussies and mini americans were bred for and these guys will be miserable and destructive with that type of lifestyle. 




Black Tri female.

This special girl was born with a deformed front leg/foot. 

Upon speaking with the vets and a good exam we think she will do best if we amputate that leg. When she walks she uses it and that causes her to limp since it is shorter. Our fear is that by using it she is going to throw the rest of her normal structure out of balance and cause other structural issues as she grows. It will be best if she gets the leg removed while she is young and growing so she can focus on properly using her other limbs. 

If you may be interested in this special girl feel free to reach out to me and we can talk.

She will not be free, nothing is free, every puppy has value as a family pet and every puppy costs me time and money to raise so she will have a price tag. At the very least I have fed her, loved her, wormed her, provided medical attention as needed and she will be microchipped and vaccinated, and goes home with the same puppy gift bag as everyone else. So again, she's never going to be free, so if you are looking for a free or cheap puppy keep on looking, if you don't have the funds to purchase her how will you care for her later in life? 

Her price will be one of two options. 

If she leaves us before surgery we will let her go for the $500 application fee and the family can put the remaining $2000 towards her surgery and care. 

If I do the surgery and the rest of her vaccinations and her basic training then she will be full price at $2500 same as every other puppy we place.

Surgery may not be $2000, you can ask your vet for an idea of cost.  

We will not entertain homes who do not fill out the application and are on our waiting list. We NEVER take applications for just one puppy specifically in the sense that if she does not work out you get your application fee back, sorry we do not work that way. #1 pick us as the breeder you want to work with even if she is unavailable. 

Any questions please email me. We will start to post video's of her on our facebook group if you want to see her in action. She is feisty and the leg does not make her less energetic. She will need a very dedicated owner who can keep her mentally stimulated with things such as scent work, obedience, tricks and swimming. 

If you may be interested in Paris please reach out.


She will stay with us for as long as she has to. She is NOT a rescue case so don't even utter those words near me or I will erase every form of correspondence with you faster than you can blink. She will NEVER be at risk of being put down, she will NEVER be at risk of being dumped in a shelter. I am 100% responsible for her as I am every other puppy I produce and she is welcome to stay with me for her entire life if need be. She is not a charity case and will never be treated as such. You are not doing me or her any favors by treating her that way. She is a purchase just like every other puppy we produce, so if your looking for something to refer to ask a rescue to make yourself look and feel good, keep on looking. I will shut down anyone who even remotely refers to her as a rescue of any kind.