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EVER and T-REX Puppies





Black Tri female.

This special girl was born with a deformed front leg/foot. 

We have talked with several different surgeons/specialists and while they all recommend surgery as their first option to remove the entire leg, we have opted not to per sue surgery and instead we will monitor her development and do Chiropractic therapy as necessary to help ensure she does not damage any other part of her body by using the shorter leg. 

She does NOT qualify for a prosthetic due to the way her foot is formed, it would cause more harm than anything

Surgery, over night monitoring at an emergency clinic, recovery and rehab is estimated to end up being around $5000 when it is all said and done if we were to go that route. Every clinic will have slightly different prices and procedures. Surgery always carries a risk and for us the risks do not seem worth it when she functions just fine as she is. 

She gets along perfectly with her leg as it is, it does not slow her down, she can do stairs, and play with the other dogs normally, she eats a raw diet and makes short work of meaty bones such as chicken backs, she plays with toys and tugs, she loves to relocate your shoes for your very own scavenger hunt, she is both energetic and fun, and yet loves to be affectionate and cuddle. Her tail never stops wagging! She runs the yard with the adult dogs and stands her ground no problem. If I thought the leg was causing her discomfort I would remove it tomorrow, but living with her and seeing her get around I know she's doing just fine. 

If you may be interested in this special girl feel free to reach out to me and we can talk.

She will stay with us for as long as she has to. She is NOT a rescue case so don't even utter those words near me or I will erase every form of correspondence with you faster than you can blink. She will NEVER be at risk of being put down, she will NEVER be at risk of being dumped in a shelter. I am 100% responsible for her as I am every other puppy I produce and she is welcome to stay with me for her entire life if need be. She is not a charity case and will never be treated as such. You are not doing me or her any favors by treating her that way. She is a purchase just like every other puppy we produce, she gets the exact same time and attention as every other puppy, in her case she gets more of my time and attention so there is no reason to reduce her price as if she was less valuable to you as a pet. If your looking for something to refer to ask a rescue to make yourself look and feel good, keep on looking. I will shut down anyone who even remotely refers to her as a rescue or charity case of any kind. She is a purchase to be well planned and thought out by a responsible family who sees value in her as a loving companion.   

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