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FAMOUS and CASH Puppies


This litter will be ready to go home Friday July 2nd and Saturday July 3rd

If you can not make these pick up times please choose a different litter

This is a CKC Australian Shepherd litter 


Please read this part and understand it before committing to this litter. 


I will match you up based on all of the personality criteria in your application and based on how you can meet the needs of the puppies. I am not taking colour or markings into consideration. If you are not alright with this stipulation then please wait for a different litter. No I don't care how long you've been waiting, this is the way this litter is being placed. 

I am keeping back at least 3 puppies, potentially 4 but we will see how they grow up. 

1 blue merle male is staying within our breeding program and will live with Shari Hunter, likely the larger and more flashy one. 

We "might" keep the pick black tri male and place him with a co-own. 

We WILL be keeping the pick female back to live with us and would like to co-own the second pick female if possible. 

We pick our show/breed puppies based on structure, movement and temperament at 8 weeks old.

Once we have decided what we are NOT keeping, we will match the remaining puppies with those homes interested in this litter. 

All puppies will be docked and dew claws removed. 

The reservation list for this litter is below and will be kept up to date as reservations are made

  1. ME: Black tri female. Either staying or going with "jenna"

  2. Jenna. Placing credit on hold in the event we do not choose to co-own. 

  3. Shari: Taking Banks. 

  4. "Carla" , male for casual sports, black tri male, Fortune. 

  5.  "Mika" One of the Blue merle females, likely Moolah. 

  6. "Cheryl" will take the second blue merle male Bond. 

  7. AVAILABLE: Black tri male. Grand. Partnership or pet, happy to discuss options. 

  8. blue female, have some concerns about her health, may be available at a later date. 




BLACK TRI MALE #1                                                                                                                                                                          AVAILABLE    $2000

First puppy born and the largest in the group. If structure and movement are nice we may be looking for a home to allow us to grow him up, potentially allow us to show him, do his health testing and either breed with him a couple of times or collect and freeze him so he can be neutered and remain as a pet. Happy to discuss details with anyone interested. 



BLUE MERLE MALE #2                                                                                                                                                                            RESERVED $2000

Going to Shari even if he grows a second head lol But from experience this pup is likely heading into the show ring and should end up a part of our breeding program in a few years. 



BLACK TRI FEMALE #2                                                                                                                     possibly staying with us if she matures well $2000

This is the only female we are considering keeping and if she does not pan out she will be for sale. 



BLUE MERLE FEMALE #1                                                                                                                                           Potentially on hold for Mika. $2000

Going as a pet and we are gluing those crazy ears. 

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