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Slushy and Wylie Puppies


This litter will be ready to go home Friday July 2nd or Saturday July 3rd

If you can not make these pick up times please choose a different litter

Smaller in size but higher in both physical energy and mental stimulation needs.

This litter was born a premature and sadly we lost all but one due to not being developped enough to survive. 

This boy however is a rock star, he was the largest born which gave him the best fighting chance.

He nurses on his own, is gaining weight like crazy. At a week old he has gone from 5 to almost 10 ounces! 

He is docked and dew claws removed. He is ready for a reservation into a loving active home. 

Please note: we have given Slushy 2 of Famous's puppies to raise as her own so this guy does not get raised as a singleton. He will have two siblings to grow up with and once they are older and on solid food they will all live together so he gets the best upbringing possible. I expect absolutely no issues from being born early, he was up and nursing within 24 hours of being born so he needed the least intervention of everyone and he should be 100% normal and fun in every way. 


BLACK TRI MALE #1                                                                                                                                                        RESERVED FOR #1.7.21   $2000

This little guy is doing extremely well, he is now 6 weeks old and is an absolute riot of a puppy. So much like his mom and grandma he is full of life and spunk, loves to play and keep us on our toes. Very personable and loves to be with you playing. 

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