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Below is our current waiting list. I will update it daily as applications come in.
We deal with customers in the order their application fee is paid which is denoted by the date to the far left.
Yes some people have been with us for a long time :) Our puppies are worth waiting for and many people plan ahead.
Anyone highlighted in red has applied their application fee to hold a current puppy and should be removed when their puppy
is 8 weeks old and they pick it up. We leave them on this list in case something happens and they do not take the puppy, in that
event, they stay on the list.

Please understand I can not tell you with any accuracy how long the wait will be for a puppy because it is a fluid situation with many
variables at play. I can not promise a girl will come into season as predicted. I can not promise she will get pregnant when I breed her,
if she does get pregnant I can not promise how many puppies she will be pregnant with. I have no control over what colour and gender
she decides to make the puppies and I have no control over which puppies will be higher energy, lower energy. larger or smaller within
that litter.  Even though we have a certain amount of people on the list, I can't say if what a girl delivers will be what they are looking for or not.

If you are serious about wanting one of my puppies my best advice is to please fill out the application below, print it so the signatures stay
where they are on each page, fill it out and sign it, scan it, email it back to me along with an email money transfer for $500 to
The date I receive the money is the date you are added to the waiting list - not the date I receive paperwork.

Without being on the waiting list, your chances of getting anything from me are very slim.
If you know what you want, and you want it to come from me, your best option is to secure a spot on the waiting list.

Any questions please feel free to ask.

This is the 2021 application and payment contract all in one for your convenience.
When you are ready to commit to the purchase of a puppy from us and only us please do the following.

#1. PRINT this form blank, fill it out in ink completely with signatures on each page.

#2. SCAN the form and email it back to us
(if you do not have a scanner you may take clear large photos and send those via email)

#3. Send us an email money transfer in the amount of $500

This is NOT a deposit. Please read the contract carefully to understand what you are paying for.

To understand the waiting list below

Highlighted in this colour means they are on my list due to the contract but are not actively looking for a puppy

Highlighted in this colour means they have a puppy on hold from  a litter we have born and will be removed once they pick up their puppy

No highlight means they are on the list and actively waiting for litters to be born in order to reserve a puppy

waiting list is up to date as of November 15th 2021

12.01.16             on hold due to schooling                                                                                                                                                                                .

09/16/19           on hold indefinitely. Have changed directions in life and may not be looking for this breed. Will confirm late in 2023. 

5.02.20               staying on the list but not currently looking to bring another dog home. 

7/12.20               female then male                                                   not in a hurry, working out some life situations. 

8/19/20              not until 2023 if at all. Will re-evaluate situation spring/summer 2023. 
10.04.20             relocated to the USA, unsure if still getting a puppy but not until at least mid 2023

12.01.20             not until 2023 or later

12.06.20              Still interested but 2023 or later is more realistic.  

02.05.21              No longer interested. Will be removed from the list 02.05.2023 when the contract ends. 

03.10.21             RM, BM possibly RT  Male

04.11.21             Male, black/blue merle                                        More social and less reserved

04.13.21             Having surgery, likely summer 2023 when they are ready. 

04.16.21             Got another dog, unsure if they still want one from us. Will re-evaluate in 2023. 

05.01.21             No longer interested, staying on here just due to contract. 

06.02.21             female

08.22.22             Male not black. Must get on well with current dogs. 

10.27.22             female. blue merle. 

12.29.22             male, red merle, red, black, blue merle order. After March Break

12.30.22             Blue merle male first choice. 

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