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slushyA (7).jpg

Total insanity in a cute little blue merle body.
Slushy could put any border collie to shame with her energy and enthusiasm.
She is a very high energy girl from Ever and Epic. She is a lot of dog with the best working
personality. If we can direct her crazy personality the opportunities for this girl are endless.

There are a lot of words used to describe most dogs and Slushy doesn't fit any of the normal ones. When I say she is high energy I am down playing it, she is always on the go, she does not get tired, she will go for hours and hours, she needs 3 hours of running every day or more, she goes out with every rotation and never slows down. She loves people to a fault, has to be with us no matter what we are doing. She is athletic, we will scale our fences to get to us on the other side. She runs, jumps, bounces, body slams and is just a bundle of crazy energy. I expect her breedings will be limited as high energy
sports homes are not always easy to find and if her pups are anything like her they will be a lot of dog to handle. For anyone looking for a devotes working partner, this girl has it all! 

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