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Legend is a full littermate to Famous and is our newest Australian Shepherd. He is all working line in build and personality. He has more brains than we know what to do with, he blows my mind every time I turn around, he is a bit small for a male and a bit refined in bone like his mom, but he has a lot to offer and we hope we can get a few girls lined up for him where we can get puppies back as payment and increase our Australian Shepherd blood lines. 

The amount of things this boy knows blows my mind. He is a member of Presidents Choice Super dogs. He can balance on a small ball, he plays connect 4 and we are working to get this on video, he does agility obstacles. He's so smart and so willing to please. We are so looking forward to his future.

He is all aussie in personality as well, loves his family but is reserved with people not in his social bubble which is exactly what this breed should be. 


Legend and his litter mate sister Famous! Someone forgot to tell her she was a standard size Aussie lol 

I'm really far behind in paperwork, I focused on my Mini's getting into AKC and as such I let my CKC papers slide. So we are playing catch up now in early 2022 and I hope to be finished all my paperwork by late spring/early summer depending how fast papers get back and forth from CKC to me. Once I have Legends CKC papers in my hands he goes in for his hips/elbows and then he is available for stud service. 

legend pedigree.PNG
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