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Sometimes the universe has plans you did not know about. Kaiser was originally not staying with us, we placed him with a family who was going to show him. Sadly it was not the right environment for him, just a bad fit, so we traded, they took Pawter who is a perfect addition to their family I got this guy back. So we will pick up where they left of with his training. We plan to put him in the CKC show ring summer of 2022 as soon as we catch up in necessary paperwork. He has a love of toys so we will try disc with him and he is started on scent work. We will see what he thinks of the dock diving pool once warm weather arrives. 

Kaiser has a fascination with puppies. He adores them and follows them around mothering them, if I loose track of him and a puppy they can be found curled up cuddling. He is incredibly gentle for the size difference. 

Since I do not currently have any girls to breed this guy to we would happily place him in the right co-own home. NEVER to be neutered. We know it will be hard on him living here with so many Mini's in season all the time and he can absolutely never breed them. Currently the only Aussies I have are his mother and sister which is why we did not keep him originally. While we do plan to bring in another female, it will still be hard on him to live here intact and not be used. So if anyone is interested and wants to work with him and get titles on him, I'd be happy to chat. We will get new pictures soon and all of his health testing is being planned. As a male we will prelim him around a year old and then get permanents after he is 2. His genetic testing will be done summer of 2022 as well. He will be standing at stud to approved females after 18 months of age if all his testing comes back the way we need it to. 

kaiser pedigree.PNG
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