This is fashion, she is from Carbon and Epic. She is 6 months old. We had hoped to keep her for showing and breeding but she is turning out to be a bit too refined in bone and we want to start focusing on more substance in our dogs. So we are looking for a special home for a special girl. 

Fashion is a certified country dog so transitioning to the city will have it's challenges. 

She is not house trained in the sense of asking to go out. Because I am on a hobby farm I am in and out 30 times a day or more and when my dogs have to potty they just follow me. So she does not know how to ask to go outside, that will come with time and training. If you leave her in the house for too long she will have an accident. 

Country dog is not leash trained. Leash training is one of the very last things I focus on with any of my dogs, I want good solid recalls and trust off leash, I want to work on a bond with them and have them choose to be with me, so I don't start to work on leash work until 6-9 months old. She has had a leash to go into and out of the vets and that's it. So she will need work in that area. 

She is a bit behind on vaccines according to most vets. I am conservative and I hate vaccinating early, we did not do her litter at 8 weeks so I have just started her shots now at 6 months, she's larger and will tolerate it better. So if she is with me I will do her second distemper and then her rabies but if she leaves me before they are complete they will have to be done. 

She is crate trained but if left in for too long will bark out of boredom. So probably not an ideal Condo or quiet living type of dog. She needs a detached house. 

She is a fun silly girl, she loves to run and bounce, plays with toys and loves to wrestle and chase the other dogs. She is very social and while not necessary she would enjoy having a second dog in the house as a play mate. 

In true aussie fashion like her mom it takes her a bit to warm up and trust. 

She eats raw and does very well on it. Is wormed and microchipped. 

She can leave us any time as soon as the right home comes along. I know what I am looking for in a home but I will not put it all here as far too many people tell you what you want to hear and not the truth just to get a dog. I want her to be happy and in the right home for her, I am not just selling her to sell her. 

She is $2500 total price, same as all of my 8 week old puppies who have less work.

No I won't go lower so please don't ask.

No I do not discount older dogs, in fact I typically raise the price because of the amount of time I have put into them while they are with me. Older puppies do not diminish in value, they are not cars. Her price is firm. 

She will go with a gift box with toys and treats and food to get you started. She is on a spay contract unless you are another established breeder who is well known and is looking for some of her qualities for your program. Then you may contact me. Structurally I keep second guessing myself with her sale because I love her structure, but I have a lot of refined boned dogs and I need to fix that if I want to get back into showing. If she does not sell she will stay and we will pair her with a heavy boned male in the future. 

Any questions please email me.