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Famous is the only offspring we have from our guy Boston. She is not exactly what we had hoped for, she is lacking in size and substance but we would like to keep the blood lines going so we will pair her with 3 males to keep puppies from her and then retire her to a pet home. 

She is a smart girl, very affectionate and loving but she has a lot of strange qualities. 

She is very sensitive, like she can see ghosts kind of sensitive, a few times she has looked at nothing on the wall and lost her mind over it. All we can figure is a spirit if you believe in that. She is also the most annoyingly submissive dog I have ever met. She goes so far out of her way to try and appease other dogs that it works in the opposite manner and they pick on her. She is certainly not typical of what I keep or choose to live with, we make it work with her but she's certainly different. 

famous (10).JPG

These are her X-rays from her Prelim, we did her a bit early because she was due to be in season right as she was turning two. We will re-do them for permanent results in the future. 

famous pedigree.PNG
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