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Get over your blue eyes fetish already!

I'm guessing the lot of you don't even understand why some eyes present as blue and why that may be a bad thing.

So first of all, I get an uncounted number of people who contact me asking for specific eye colour. Let me get right to the point
Period, End of Story, No exceptions.

The reason I do not place puppies based on eye colour is that puppies are born immature, meaning they are not fully developed yet.
Their eyes are still closed, we can't even see their eyes until at least 14-18 days old.
One puppies open their eyes everything still looks a hazy shade of blue. This is because the puppy still has tiny membranes feeding
different parts of the eyes finishing development. As these membranes go away the colour becomes more clear.
We can not see true eye colour until 6-8 weeks old. By 6 weeks old we can typically tell a light blue eye from a darer brown eye.
But sometimes green and marbled eyes all look like they may be blue and then are not.

I will not hold a puppy on reserve for 6-8 weeks hoping the eyes turn a certain colour and turn away other homes just because we
are waiting on eye colour. Not happening. My puppies deserve homes who are not so superficial. Whether you puppy has two
brown eyes, two blue eyes or two different coloured eyes, does not in any way change the quality of the puppy or it's personality.
In the end if the puppy is a good match for your family, it will be a good match regardless of eye colour. If it's a bad match, it's still
a bad match even with pretty eyes to look at. So if you are thinking about one of my puppies, please do not in any way indicate
that you want a certain set of eye colours or I'm liable to just ignore your application for wasting my time.

If you simply ask me for a puppy with two of the same coloured eyes, as some people don't like bi eyed dogs, then you are getting
a tri coloured dog not a merle. I will not even mildly entertain the idea of holding a merle hoping it will have two eyes of the same
colour. Merles have wild crazy eyes and they are more often than not different colour combinations.   
If you are a proven sports person, then and ONLY then will I entertain the notion that you need two dark pigmented eyes and need
to avoid blue eyes.
This is the ONLY exception to the rule.

The reason serious sports people tend to stay away from blue eyes is because blue eyes lack pigment, the lighter the blue the
less pigment the eye has. Without pigment the eye can not deflect light and the eye needs to squint closed having the eye lid
cover the eye to protect it from bright light. This results in a dangerous situation for the dog as a sports competitor. So in the name
of safety, we will match sports homes up with darker coloured eyes.

Other than that if you need a certain eye colour, you'll have to go with another breeder. I will not in any way entertain the idea of
holding a puppy to see what colour it's eyes will be. Sorry.  

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